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Terminator 2 Judgement Day. Domark (1991) Commodore 64

Continuing my foray into the Commodore 64 brings me crashing into the 1991 juggernaut that was Terminator 2. Because you couldn’t move for the adverts and toys and all round marketing campaign a console game was inevitable. 593 more words


Terminator Ideas

Lately I’ve been contemplating on how Terminator Salvation could’ve been improved. I mean, the story was conceived on the idea of protecting Kyle Reese in the future instead of protecting Sarah or John Connor in the past. 443 more words

Hey Skynet, Spare Us Please!

It’s the last episode of the year! Joined by @iamlaurenp from @nerdsofpreycast , we dive into the world of Terminator. We talk about all of the movies 1-5, yes even Genisys! 52 more words

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A Twist of Fett

Young John Connor really enjoyed the Star Wars movies. His mother, Sarah, allowed him this escape knowing full well the terribly difficult future that awaited her son. 328 more words



In questi anni la General Dynamics, Google, Universita’ Israeliane e apparati di ricerca di tutto il mondo hanno studiato, applicato e raggiunto sistemi di tecnologia basata sull’Intelligenza Artificiale sempre piu’ avanzati. 260 more words

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