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Terminated: My Thoughts On The Terminator Franchise

After having to endure many disappointing films after the spectacular and fascinating T1 and T2, both by director James Cameron, I mustered up the fortitude to sit down and watch Terminator Genisys, the latest film in this rather tired and outdated franchise. 415 more words


Pressa - John Connor (Official Video)

Toronto trap artist Pressa is back at it. The rapper from Jane Stip’s infamous hood UpTop has released a new video. It’s called John Connor.

Watch here:


Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Plot summary: A mimetic polyalloy (liquid metal) assassin T-1000 was sent into the past to kill the young John Connor, the future human resistance leader. In the meantime, terminator T-800 (same model as the previous movie) was reprogrammed by the future John Connor and sent back in time to protect his younger self. 910 more words

Movie Review

Old School Technology

Angus dropped to one knee and braced the M-25 phased plasma rifle squarely against his shoulder. Even though there was no metal projectile like the more archaic weapons the resistance used, the power generator threw up a bit of a kick when the pulse beam fired. 526 more words

Short Story

I'll Be Back... of the Envelope

Hot on the heels of the thrilling conclusion of Wake Me Up Before You Mogo, I’ve put out a fresh new installment of Back of the Envelope! 33 more words

Science Fiction

Déjeuner du matin court métrage - exploiting a literary text | John Connor

I stumbled across this by accident, looking for the text to the poem. There is no dialogue. no voice-over, so it occurred to me that it would be a useful exercise to give students the lines of poem on cards, jumbled up, for them to reassemble in the correct order as they watch the film. 13 more words