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This presentation came about as a result of pondering on the age-old cry of many pupils: "I'm no good... | John Connor

This presentation came about as a result of pondering on the age-old cry of many pupils: “I’m no good at (insert language of choice).” It’s difficult to persuade pupils otherwise, when they perceive that being “good at” languages is the result of innate talent or ability. 66 more words

Extant S1 E6-9: My Thoughts

Well first of all I think Ethan’s increased development is related to when the ISEA shortcircuited him, think it jumpstarted his brain or something. Overall though the Ethan storyline seems to be following the exact storyline of The Terminator/Rise of the Planet of the Apes, with Ethan poised to lead the robot insurrection, that’s why he’s locked John out of his system, that’s why he’s suddenly asking about his purpose, that’s why he’s starting to ignore John and that’s why he’s taken that service bot in, he’s sees it as kin, he doesn’t see himself as human. 334 more words


"Hush": the Horror Short That Will Make You Beg for a Feature-Length Version

HUSH is a short indie horror film that is just begging to be made into a feature. In fact, that’s been writer-director-producer Michael Kehoe’s intention all along. 407 more words


The 5th anniversary of Transforminators: Salvation

I really like the fx and the design

Everything’s dirty and gritty way more than Blade Runner, although that wasn’t the point of Blade Runner, and that manner was a bit more cinematic. 205 more words


NEW: Terminator Genisys

The Terminator is having a bad day. It’s a muggy July afternoon in New Orleans—the temperature is loitering in the triple digits—and Arnold Schwarzenegger is inside a giant warehouse on the grounds of NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility. 631 more words


Trailer Time: "Terminator Genisys"

“Terminator” is probably one of the best known franchises in film history.  On top of that, it has remained a staple and go to for actor Arnold Schwarzenegger ever since his portrayal of the T-800 in 1984.  182 more words