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trail on the road

fenomena motocross on the street. yah, street literary. aku jadi ingat akan salah satu aktor di terminator 2  ( judgement day ), edward furlong sebagai john connor, anak muda yang mengendarai trail. 125 more words


Letter to Nicky Morgan | John Connor

Dear Ms Morgan

I write to express my grave concern over the perfect storm that is set to engulf the assessment and qualifications sector of the English education system. 88 more words

Pilot: Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Anyone familiar with this blog will know my feelings about the Terminator franchise. I’ve written about it before and have little doubt that I will again. 1,558 more words


Terminator Genisys - Film Review

The Terminator series is one that was plagued with tons of critique and bashed for iterations that didn’t provide the same level of excitement, plot or emotions that the first two movies did. 548 more words


Square One Burgers & Bar. Tampa, FL

Say… That’s a nice Burger…

After the massive disappointments from the last couple of weeks that have been Hamburger Marys and BurgerFi, I had lost all hope for Tampa. 318 more words

Burger Aficionado Review

Pieminator Genisys

Party Corridor productions in association with PIEMAX brings you the premiere of Pieminator Genisys


2029 and Resistance leader John Connor launches a massive final offensive against Pienet. 461 more words

Pork Pie