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Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits (#41-#46)

If you were to ask any Hellblazer fan their Top 10 story arcs in the wild and hairy career of the Laughing Magician and sexy scouser John Constantine, chances are the seminal… 315 more words

The Hellblazer #10 Review

Mercury and Constantine continue on their journey until they run into an old ‘mate’ of Constantine. How will the encounter go? 293 more words


Movie Review: Justice League Dark (2017)

The 27th entry into the series of DC Animated Original Movies, Justice League Dark is a 2017 animated superhero action film. When regular citizens of the world begin to see other civilians as demons, Batman (Jason O’Mara) is forced to seek the help of those more in-tune with the supernatural. 325 more words


The 6 Best Trench Coats in Comics

No capes! Such are the immortal words of Edna Mode, someone who knew a thing or two about superhero fashion. But if you can’t wear a kickass cape to accentuate your costume, what are you supposed to do? 506 more words


Justice League: Dark

Today Comic Kingdom will see its very first movie review! When I created this site I had originally intended to primarily review graphic novels, but every once in awhile its good to mix things up. 349 more words

Justice League Dark: a review

I have looked forward to watching Justice League Dark since I first heard about it in 2016. This is a Warner Brothers/DC Animation movie, not a live-action film, but it was a story that would have translated well to the big screen. 634 more words


Today in comics: Hellblazer

Picked Hellblazer: Shoot this morning after finishing James Lovegrove’s Redlaw: Red Eye yesterday. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Because the day turned out to be one that begs for some John Constantine. 143 more words