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While re-reading the entire Sandman series from Vertigo this weekend, I found this John Constantine trading card from 1994. It had been safely encased in the original sealed plastic envelope for more than two decades now, like some kind of hell-blazing time capsule. 16 more words


A Steak A Guy Was About To Cook Up Is Going Viral Because It Looks Like Satan.

Thats the devil. I mean plainly put, there’s no other way to cut it, but that is an evil entity in your steak. Must kinda suck.  224 more words

Blackstar, Tyson, Constantine

I wasn’t a particular fan of David Bowie before he died. I mean, I liked Bowie well enough, but wholly casually. I knew “Life on Mars,” “Under Pressure,” Jareth, etc., but Bowie got lumped together with other associations that didn’t appeal to me. 498 more words


Hellblazer: The Family Man

John Constantine. Hellblazer. Hellraiser. Misanthrope, mage and meddler; arch manipulator and much more besides. This trade paperback compiles one of his earlier adventures, a story arc which first spluttered its sleazy self onto the shelves in comic book form back when the 1980s finally expired and a brash new decade strode onto the scene. 688 more words

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Hero Case Files #49: Amethyst

Superheroes have long been portrayed as a male power fantasy.  The majority of them tend to be male, and who wouldn’t want to be a powerful do-gooder who always saves the day? 664 more words

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Top 5 Magic Wielding Characters

Hey everyone, we are back for another top five today. This time we will give you our picks for the most powerful, or at least, our favorite magical characters. 619 more words

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