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Walmart says man who called 911 in John Crawford shooting "intentionally lied"

(Photo courtesy of John Crawford’s family, City of Beavercreek)

(WKEF/WRGT) – Nearly five years after John Crawford III was shot and killed inside the Beavercreek Walmart store, the retailer says the man who called 911 was not telling the truth. 176 more words

Hannibal: The TV Series

Hey guys!

I know for a fact that if you are still here, it is because you always want more and more of our favorite character Hannibal Lecter. 209 more words

Thomas Harris

Can't believe your lying eyes? It depends on the beholder

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Painted Dwarf Superheroes and Supervillains

Painted by John Crawford of the Blockhouse Miniatures

Spawn Dwarf

Wolverine Dwarf, I had John paint two different versions for this. One in the Wolverine X-Men colours and one in a more traditional Dwarf Warrior colours… 31 more words

Painted Dwarf Psychopaths

The Dwarf Psychopaths painted by John Crawford of the Blockhouse Miniatures. John has done a tremendous job in bringing out the character of these fantastic sculpts by Rykar Jove… 121 more words

Painted BatDwarf

BatDwarf painted by John Crawford from the Blockhouse Miniatures

Painted Bane Dwarf

Bane Dwarf painted by John Crawford of the Blockhouse Miniatures