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A union at the University of Chicago and the great debate between John Dewey and Robert Hutchins.

Yesterday I posted the letter that University of Chicago sent out to teaching assistants and student teachers regarding the ruling of the National Labor Relations Board that permits them to unionize. 390 more words

A Transcendental Education

As I reflected upon this past year of teaching, I was reminded of the times when students would ask about why they were learning x, y, z… 971 more words

Living Together

The key-note of democracy as a way of life may be expressed, it seems to me, as the necessity for the participation of every mature human being in formation of the values that regulate the living of men together: which is necessary from the standpoint of both the general social welfare and the full development of human beings as individuals.

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Putting [Doctoral] Students First: Acknowledging an Educational Debt

What exactly does “putting student first” mean? Many educators confuse child-centered education with letting students decide what to learn, when, where and how. They haven’t read John Dewey on progressive education. 1,110 more words

Educational Leadership

From Socrates to Recycling: Are We Asking the Right Questions?

“Computers are useless. They can only give answers.” (Pablo Picasso)

Kids’ questions

Belvidere, Illinois, 1990, a first-grade classroom (6-year-olds). A student looks out of the window and sees a dumpster below. 832 more words

British Rapid Method

Jane Addams and John Dewey

The Toynbee papers #2

An imagined conversation.

Toynbee Hall, Commercial street, Whitechapel, 1921. Jane Addams of Chicago is greeting her old friend John Dewey who has just arrived. 664 more words


Problems at the Intersection of Aesthetics and Ethics

The very excellent Seth Vannatta in Response: The Digital Journal of Popular Culture Scholarship. I’d suggest that readers also think about Wittgenstein’s idea in the… 32 more words