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John Dewey argues against metaphysical materialism

By Jonathan Soder, Faith Co-Editor  

Imagine one day you’re approached by a man in a black trench coat and told that nothing you see is real. 535 more words



“Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself” –JOHN DEWEY

Learning is supposed to be a ritual-like for all humans, this is a situation where education comes in as a means of raising informed and intellectual minds. 404 more words


Our Inadequate, Simplistic, and Anachronistic National Philosophy of K-12 Education

This article is correct to identify, and call out, national problems in relation taking care of the mental and emotional health of our students. But these deficiencies have arisen due to a generally inadequate national philosophy of education. 193 more words

Four ways to liberate yourself from your smartphone.

Our thumbs are having all the fun these days. Those first digits let us cradle our smartphones and interact with them at the same time, and they’re seeing lots of action! 1,214 more words


The Block Room - Part 1

In common conception, the work of art is often identified with the building, book, painting, or statue in its existence apart from human experience. Since the actual work of art is what the product does with and in experience, the result is not favorable to understanding.

552 more words

Tyrants Seek a Dumbed-down Population

Tyrants Seek a Dumbed-down Population
by JBS President Emeritus John F. McManus

It should come as no surprise that an aspiring tyrant or dictator would want poorly educated and docile subjects. 774 more words


Big Data, A.I., 'Personalized' Learning: A Solution for Eliminating Poverty and Improving Schools?

Tuesday’s NY Times featured a commentary whose author promotes artificial intelligence, big data, and “personalized” learning—algorithm-driven computer programs said to tailor learning to a student’s needs and interests—not only for reinventing education but for powering a new war on poverty. 1,189 more words

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