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Dr. Ambedkar's radical idea

Book Review – “Annihilation of Caste” by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

I can trace back my interest in reading the works of Dr. Ambedkar to the time when I studied civics in high school. 749 more words


El famoso psicoanalista Erich Fromm escribió un libro llamado “El miedo a la Libertad”, en una de las páginas del primer capítulo el Dr. Fromm cita a John Dewey, filósofo y educador americano ya que como bien lo menciona el Dr Fromm, uno de sus pensamientos refleja una de las problemáticas mas grandes del hombre moderno: su miedo, o debo decir terror, a la libertad: 896 more words


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Cherry trees will be differently grouped by woodworkers, orchardists, artists, scientists and merry-makers. To the execution of different purposes different ways of acting and reacting on the part of trees are important.

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John Dewey, Experience, and Online Education

Here’s a link to an article I co-authored that explores Dewey’s framework for experience and education in online learning. It’s not the usual subject matter for this blog, but for those of you who nerd-out on education, philosophy, online learning theory, and qualitative research, I hope you enjoy it! 144 more words

1918 campus wars: Academic freedom at Columbia

Tension is high at the universities. Some say the war is unnecessary and immoral; those who support it cry “treason.” There’s a raging debate over free speech. 1,100 more words

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Why an ePortfolio?

Why would someone create an ePortfolio? Initially, probably because they were required to. But why would someone maintain an ePortfolio? Because they learned the benefits of keeping up with one. 300 more words