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Purpose of Education #immooc

I’ve really been thinking about this. Our school systems in the United States formed with local boards of education so that the community’s education goals direct what happens in their school. 597 more words


The rearview mirror

It was media theorist Marshall McLuhan who famously said we look at the present through a rearview mirror.  This is what I am doing at the moment as I reflect on the last 498 posts on bluyonder.   418 more words

Contemporary Schooling

Democracy and Education

Years ago John Dewey wrote a book about the relationship between democracy and education, making the claim that the former relies upon the latter. Without an educated citizenry democracy cannot survive. 598 more words


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Nothing sells news like fear. If marketers can make us afraid of something, we will buy any product that promises to help us avoid that fear. Those who create a fear in order to sell a product are known as snake oil salesmen. Today there is a new ‘product’ on the market, a product for which new (unfounded) fears have been created and the lemmings are falling for the ploy – hook, line and sinker. The product? Donald Trump. The fears? Everything from Muslims, Mexicans, people with disabilities, free trade agreements, jobs, and more. He claims that only his product, himself, can keep us safe and “make America great again”. . An excellent post by writer-blogger Hugh Curtler explains why so many Americans today are vulnerable to Trump’s marketing strategy and that the solution to this “politics of paranoia” lies in our education system. He claims, and I agree, that democracy cannot continue to exist in an environment where education is declining. Please take a few minutes to read his post and let him know what you think. Agree? Disagree?

Can we ever be clear with each other?

Over the past couple of months I have come across Gervase Bushe’s Clear Leadership method being promoted by a number of OD practitioners and institutions, so I thought it would be worth spending a blog post discussing the ideas that he puts forward and to offer a critique from the perspective of complex responsive processes of relating. 3,247 more words

Complex Responsive Processes

Metaphysics, Memory, and Dewey

I was asked to drop by my colleague’s class and hold forth on Chapter 1 of John Dewey’s text The Reconstruction of Philosophy (get the text… 39 more words


John Dewey - Experience & Education

A personal reflection on John Dewey’s “Experience & Education” by Kevin Jenson

Everyone is learning, all the time. Whether or not this learning leads to positive results depends upon internal as well as external factors that vary for every student. 2,240 more words


#DigiLitSunday: Reflection

Join the #DigiLit Sunday celebration organized by Margaret Simon at Reflections on the Teche.

What does “REFLECTION” mean to you?

Google defines reflection as either: 244 more words