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CSH & its Theoretical Frameworks Pt. 2

As I explained in Part 1, there are nine texts informing Critical Systems Heuristics (CSH). Three by C. West Churchman (1968, 1971, & 1979), one by… 3,482 more words


Friday Philosophy ~ Goals

Goals: a necessity, and a puzzle. To really know where we are going, we do need a destination. But if the destination is so far away we can’t even imagine we see it while we squint with one eye covered, it’s too easy to become discouraged. 200 more words


Pocket Picking

“They tell us that on the last day the sea will give up its dead; and I suppose that on the same occasion long strings of extraordinary things will come out of my pockets” (G.K. 4,557 more words

Schools of Tomorrow

Which educational futures could guide our thinking and actions if we see schools as laboratories of tomorrow’s society? What do digitalization and demographic transition mean for learning in a migration society? 327 more words


"Fountains of Creative Activity" - Family Night 2017

I have written about Family Night each year at Assets because the event is so extraordinary that I always feel compelled to talk about it and share it with others. 837 more words

A Cure for Bad Education

In September 1974, the English philosopher Michael Oakeshott delivered the Abbott Memorial Lecture at Colorado College. Entitled “A Place for Learning,” Oakeshott’s lecture attacked the dominant model of education, a model predicated on the theories of the American educationist John Dewey.

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