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Stephen Harper’s Remarkable Achievement

Please Note: This is not an endorsement of Stephen Harper .

Did you watch the French federal election debate last Friday?

If you did, you must have been impressed by Harper’s extraordinary command of the language. 62 more words

Why Don't Canadians Vote?

Canada is a diverse nation; and there are many reasons for not voting.  This insightful article looks at one demographic.

Nothing lost when indigenous people vote… 800 more words


John Diefenbaker Would Probably Hate Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper on the other hand seems to quite admire John “The Chief Diefenbaker”. Almost since becoming Prime Minister, Harper has praised Diefenbaker and sought to defend his legacy. 1,843 more words

Stephen Harper

September 18 in history

96  Nerva was proclaimed Roman Emperor after Domitian was assassinated.

324 Constantine the Great decisively defeated Licinius in the Battle of Chrysopolis, establishing Constantine’s sole control over the Roman Empire. 846 more words


Letters: Margaret Atwood's Hail to the Chief

Re: Preston Manning, Man of the Future, Margaret Atwood, Aug. 29.
Margaret Atwood’s description of her own early political allegiance to John Diefenbaker left me flatly amazed and filled with new-found respect for her as a certified “Canadian icon.”. 1,119 more words

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Allan Levine: A brief history of the campaign trail

In June of 1876, John A. Macdonald, then in exile from power as the leader of the opposition, was invited by a group of Toronto Conservatives to attend a public celebration of Dominion Day in Uxbridge, Ont. 1,184 more words

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Allan Levine: Will the economy hurt Harper? History's answer is unclear

In any election, perception is often more critical than reality. Canada may or may not be in a recession and the debate among economists about the “R” word is bound to continue for the next few months, right up until the October federal election. 968 more words

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