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Marjory LeBreton's memories: Six remarkable decades of serving the party

There was a time when Marjory LeBreton spoke on the phone regularly with Brian Mulroney, the man who appointed her to the Senate in 1993 in his final days as prime minister. 1,836 more words


Marjory LeBreton: A political timeline


Born July 4 on a farm in City View (near Merivale and Fisher roads in Ottawa), one of four children of Clarence W. Mulvagh and Florence L. 427 more words


Pat MacAdam (1934 - 2015): Author, columnist, political operator was 'Mulroney's Man'

Former prime minister Brian Mulroney once described him as the “always entertaining and able Pat MacAdam,” and for many decades in Ottawa, those qualities earned him a place at the centre of action in this city. 890 more words

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True "Green"?

People think that the Greens are a left-wing party but this is a mistake.

The Greens economic policy is more ethically “True Blue” than Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s. 74 more words


Our Kids Deserve to Have Civil Rights

New Brunswick native John Peters Humphrey was the principal drafter of the United Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Adopted unanimously by the General Assembly on December 10, 1948, this document established the importance of Human Rights through out the world. 1,428 more words


Michael Den Tandt: Stephen Harper shuns the progressive conservatism of his political hero

If Canadian politics is not broken, as the CBC frames the question, then it certainly is seriously bent. For one thing, we are desperately short one centre-right political movement. 809 more words

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