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On Legalism

Legalism is the idea that sinners can earn merit with God by their own works of righteousness.  Legalists are also prone to treat their traditions as the supreme rule of piety, adding to and thereby nullifying the actual law of God.  218 more words

John F. MacArthur

"It Snapped Shut on a Man's Heart Like a Trap"

Something has happened to the doctrine of justification. . .The faith of Paul and Luther was a revolutionizing thing.  It upset the whole life of the individual and made him into another person altogether.  119 more words

Book Of Romans

Basics About the Psalms

The backdrop for the Psalms is twofold: 1) the acts of God in creation and history, and 2) the history of Israel.  Historically, the psalms range in time from the origin of life to the post-Exilic joys of the Jews liberated from Babylon.  116 more words

Book Of Psalms