Somebody's Watching Rockwell

Kennedy William Gordy (born March 15, 1964), better known by his stage name Rockwell, is a pop artist who was signed to the Motown label. He is the son of Motown founder and CEO Berry Gordy and Margaret Norton. 66 more words

Most Importantly - The Vinyl

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Thought I might share a little Thanksgiving-inspired quote for today. Actions are stronger than words, so make sure to live by what you say and not just say it. 7 more words

50 years after JFK

November 22, 1963. The last President to speak out openly against the ‘secret families’ or cabal of influence.

Mary Maxwell has  posted a scathing article about the failure of the law profession (and legislators) to deal with the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy – on here.

World Politics

Lone-Nut Theory

The Lone-Nut Theory

(for Bruce Miroglio)

I myself like the Blakey theory best.
You know: the one where sparkling JFK,
the King of Camelot, just flunked the test… 105 more words

NAACP supports Democrat woman-beater

This is from The Black Sphere.

The Democrats say the Republicans have declared war on women.

Let’s look back through the sand of time at Democrats and women. 489 more words


What did he ever

do for me

John Fitzgerald


What indeed! Stopped world war three –

that’s a start.

An indefinite postponement so far, 44 more words