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John Fowles 'The Magus'

Oh what a ride this was!

I have no idea how I came to decide that I want to read this book. I must have seen it on Goodreads somehow and found the description inviting. 199 more words


The Badus

It doesn’t happen too often, so I consider myself lucky. Usually I am very happy with what I read. Even if I don’t always end up loving the book, I rarely hate it. 547 more words

John Fowles (1926 - 2005), on Alain-Fournier's "The Wanderer"

“…What he (Alain-Fournier) nailed down is the one really acute perception of the young, which is the awareness of loss as a function of passing time ….” 12 more words

Random Notes

A Brief Biography of God Part Four: Life Support

After hanging around the planet for millennia, messing with humans only to have them mess right back, our favorite Supreme Being took just a couple of hundred years to go from from comfortable middle age to life support. 1,563 more words


The inspiration behind the name of my blog...

‘He let me go up and made me sit on the divan and he put on some music and turned out the lights and the moon came through the window. 168 more words

The Idiot 2: Convincing lies

Dostoevsky had his own way of doing things. No writer before or since has really followed his method, insofar as he had one. Other writers kept notebooks but it is hard to imagine anyone today at least filling hundreds if not thousands of very messy pages before getting down to business. 798 more words

Lumină. Liniște. Esența vieții.

”Lumina era făcătoare de bine, scăldarea în soare a minții după o iarnă lungă de întuneric. Era o senzație extraordinară de a fi conștient de lumină și de a o atrage, de a avea puterea de a atrage lumina și puterea de a primi această lumină. 179 more words