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Throwing John Fowles

A long time ago, my sister threw John Fowles across the room.

Ok wait, yes, she was a powerful little Italian – rest in peace, dear Sis – but I don’t mean that she actually  lifted up the man from Lyme Regis and tossed him like a sack of potatoes.   300 more words


The Lottery of Love

I’m fond of a bit of Marivaux, though there’s been a bit of a famine of late. This early 18th century French playwright wasn’t as highly regarded as the more earnest Racine or the more grandly comedic Moliere in his day, but contemporary British audiences have rather taken to his perfectly formed minimalist romantic comedies, and there were some 37 of them over 50 years (I’ve only seen four!). 285 more words


The Magus - Der Magier

“You wish to be liked. I wish simply to be.
One day you will know what that means, perhaps.
And you will smile. Not against me. 119 more words

Klausbernd Vollmar

The Wisdom of Trees

Book Review: John Fowles, The Tree (Little, Toller 2016)

John Fowles’ book The Tree is unlike any other book on trees I’ve read (and I’ve read quite a few recently). 1,233 more words


Where do you get your ideas - a few examples

As any writer who has ever given a talk will know all too well, there is one question which is invariably asked. Where do you get your inspiration?

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The Lottery of Love at the Orange Tree review ***

The Lottery of Love

The Orange Tree Theatre, 13th April 2017

Apparently there is even a noun for it, “Marivaudage”. Slightly sarcastically applied, but it describes a way of writing that is precious or affected, and is derived from our friend Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux (I so wish my name was as replete with syllables), whose romcom Le Jeu de l’Amour et du Hasard was on show here in a translation by John Fowles. 610 more words


Earth Day & Trees

It’s Earth Day and I am thinking about trees. One of my first childhood friends was a giant sugar maple from which hung my rope swing with its blue wooden seat. 362 more words