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Daniel Martin

[If you’ve not read John Fowles’ novels, be warned that there are several plot spoilers in this piece].

Something I regret is not asking John Fowles to sign my copy of… 966 more words

'The Collector' And Absurd Love

In Psychoanalysis: The Impossible Profession, Janet Malcolm interprets a part of Freud’s essay Observations On Transference-Love to read “Isn’t what we mean by ‘falling in love’ a kind of sickness and craziness, an illusion, a blindness to what the loved person is really like?”. 808 more words


Diary - St Andrews, Beinn Nairnan, The Magus, O.J. Simpson, Michael Dowd

It is Monday and I am sitting in my living room, which is flooded with morning sunshine. I have a pot of coffee, made from freshly ground beans, I am listening to the Women’s Hour on Radio 4, and my bliss levels are high. 928 more words

Literary Criticism

“There are times when silence is a poem.”

~John Fowles, The Magus


Série: The Office (3ª temporada)

Faz algum tempo que terminei essa temporada (já estou na quinta), então muito provavelmente não vou conseguir lembrar com muita certeza dos detalhes.

Quanto ao meu casal favorito: Encontramos Pam (Jenna Fischer) e Jim (John Krasinski) algum tempo após o que seria o final da segunda temporada. 392 more words


Lit rec #73: "The dead live." "How do they live?" "By love.” (1965)

Very English at the start, regretful, startling. Once in Greece, it really takes over your mind. Is it real? THE MAGUS by John Fowles.

The Collector by John Fowles

I was given this book from a friend and am so grateful for it (because books are the way to my heart, honestly).

With that being said, let me just say that I tried to like this book. 597 more words

Book Review