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26/9/1915 Champagne and Loos: Allied attacks falter, British generals fall out

The Allies continue their Western Front offensives. In Champagne, the French try to capitalise on their costly successes yesterday, but they are unable to break through the German reserve lines. 181 more words

First World War

25/9/1915 Champagne and Loos: the Allies' autumn offensive on the Western Front

Failures in Gallipoli are turning Allied attentions back to the Western Front. The British and French launch another offensive against the Germans, whose numbers have been reduced by Falkenhayn’s despatch of the reserves to the Eastern Front. 360 more words


Tallarn - Executioner by John French

The Iron Warriors fell from the sky with weapons of destruction that would kill every single soul that walked Tallarns surface. A few remained in hiding in secure and airtight spaces to fight another day. 145 more words


QUICK REVIEW : The Eagle's Talon - John French

For the seventh story in Black Library’s Summer of Reading campaign the attention turns to the Horus Heresy, with the prose version of John French’s excellent… 184 more words


John French

French’s projection work was part of a new form of fashion photography, as that time. He is a very influential photographer.

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16/5/1915 Western Front: the Allies keep plugging away

In London the resignation of Admiral Fisher and newspaper reports on the army being dangerously short of shells have combined to create a political crisis. In France, however, British commander Sir John French is more satisfied with how things are going. 219 more words

First World War