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Saturday 27 March 1915 - We Lost 132

The press begins a campaign criticizing the shortage of artillery shells follow the publication of Field Marshall Sir John French’s letter concerning the same issue in… 79 more words

2014-15 Canfield Final Boys' Basketball Stats

2014-15 Canfield Boys’ Basketball Stats
Head Coach: Todd Muckleroy
Record: 16-9 (6-6), AAC Red

Regular Season Team Stats
Scoring: 63.5
Scoring Defense: 58.6
Field Goal Percentage: 41.3% 122 more words


13/3/1915 Neuve Chapelle: French calls a halt

Initial British successes at Neuve Chapelle on the morning of the 12th gave way to a disappointing afternoon as communications broke down under German artillery fire. 184 more words

German Army

10/3/1915 Neuve Chapelle: Britain attacks

Up to now, British forces on the Western Front have fought mainly on the defensive. This has led to a certain scepticism on the part of the French as to whether their ally will ever make much contribution to driving out the German invader. 220 more words

German Army

Wednesday 10 March 1915 - We Lost 1,427

The first British offensive battle worthy of the name will illustrate the repeated experience of the next three years. Neuve Chapelle a relatively minor affair, by comparison with what will happen in the years to come. 2,101 more words

Royal Navy

QUICK REVIEW - Tallarn : Witness - John French

Beginning with the first novella Tallarn : Executioner, the story of the Battle of Tallarn has developed into a mini-series of its own within the Horus Heresy, with John French’s micro-short Tallarn : Witness capping everything off. 182 more words


Templar - John French (audio drama)

So far in the Horus Heresy series, the Imperial Fists haven’t had a huge amount of the spotlight. Presumably that’s going to change the closer things get to the Siege of Terra, but in the meantime there’s John French’s audio drama Templar to whet the appetite of 7th Legion fans. 372 more words