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Thoughts on The Ahriman Boxed Set by John French

Yesterday, out of the blue, Black Library released a limited edition boxed set of John French’s Ahriman trilogy. 500 copies only. It wasn’t on the… 1,248 more words

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QUICK REVIEW: The Maiden of the Dream - John French

Day two of Black Library’s 2016 Advent Calendar brings us The Maiden of the Dream by John French, the second ‘story of the Horusian Wars’ after… 197 more words


Praetorian of Dorn - John French

The seventh Horus Heresy book of 2016, the thirty-ninth in the main numbered series, and John French’s first ‘full’ novel in the series, Praetorian of Dorn… 495 more words


Black Library - Speculation on 'The Horusian Wars'

John French’s latest short story, The Purity of Ignorance, comes with an interesting tagline – ‘A Story of the Horusian Wars’. As yet there’s been no confirmation of whether this means he’s actively working on a new series regarding the… 1,723 more words

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QUICK REVIEW: The Purity of Ignorance - John French

Black Library’s 2016 Summer of Reading campaign hits day six with a blast from the past with The Purity of Ignorance by John French, featuring Inquisitor Covenant from 2001’s Inquisitor game. 181 more words


Under The Bridge (Again)

Way way back in 1969, little did I suspect, when I bought Trout Mask Replica (as a pre-release import) with my best girl on my arm, that some forty seven years later, the drummer on that wonderful record would serenade the very same wummin (kissing her in mid-song), in a subterranean Chelsea night club owned by a Russian oligarch. 167 more words

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The Horus Heresy: Tallarn series - Interview with John French

Within Black Library’s epic and ever-growing Horus Heresy series there are a few sub-series, collections of stories which fit together to form a story arc in their own right as well as contributing towards the whole series. 3,188 more words

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