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Today Is Boat Race Day: Let Battle Commence

24 March 2018 – Boat Race Day

Tim Koch meanders from Putney to Mortlake.

Today, 24 March, sees the 73rd Women’s Boat Race and the 164th Men’s Boat Race, both run over the 4 mile 374 yard (6,779 m) Putney to Mortlake ‘Championship Course’. 507 more words

Neighbours at War: Oxford v Brookes

26 February 2018

Tim Koch watches some Oxford on Oxford action.

The theme tune to the long-running television soap opera, Neighbours, tells us that ‘Neighbours should be there for one another. 880 more words

The Oxford Men’s Trial Eights: Out Of The Strong Came Forth Swiftness*

9 December 2017

Tim Koch follows in a Dark Blue wake.

Following the previous day’s Cambridge Trial Eights, Oxford’s men took their turn to race competitively matched crews on the championship course. 549 more words

Broken Ghost

Directed by Australian filmmaker Richard Gray (Summer Coda) and shot on location around Livingstone, Montana in the northwest of the United States, Broken Ghost… 608 more words

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