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Can I Play With Madness (In the Mouth of Madness, 1994)

Carpenter returned to the big screen for his next endeavor.  A mind-bending Lovecraft inspired horror film.  Starring Sam Neill, In the Mouth of Madness is about insurance investigator John Trent who is looking into the disappearance of famed horror writer Sutter Cane. 375 more words


Scrooged (1988)

Charles Dickens’ ubiquitous seasonal tale gets yet another re-telling in this amiably dated 1980’s comedy.

Bill Murray stars as a tyrannical TV network president who goes through the usual learning the “true spirit of Christmas”motions via ghostly visitation. 92 more words


52 Pick-Up Film Review

We’re not exactly in the dog days of summer as yet, but the heat is certainly building up already. Maybe it’s telling that our next entry in this year’s Duo Post series places one of my favorite authors back under this old book-film microscope of ours. 1,742 more words


In the Mouth of Madness (1994, John Carpenter)

In the Mouth of Madness is a rarity. It’s a film with some terrible, terrible parts, yet it needs to be longer. There needs to be more terribleness for it to be better. 846 more words


Shamus (1973)

Burt Reynolds may not be playing Philip Marlowe in this Buzz Kulik directed flick but it sure has the feel of a parallel version of The Big Sleep right down to Burt verbally sparring with a woman in a book shop. 672 more words

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