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Faking Movies – Ep 15. The Big Lebowski

The fifteenth podcast episode.  In this one, Erica takes a stab at the plot of The Big Lebowski.

Do you know that feeling when everyone is talking about a movie you haven’t seen? 79 more words


Blues Brothers 2000

Dir: John Landis, 1998


1980 saw the release of one of the finest musicals there has ever been. Dan Aykroyd’s big screen outing of his and co-star John Belushi’s wonderful Saturday Night Live double act, The Blues Brothers is a feelgood, foot-tapper of a film that quickly became the cult it so richly deserved to be. 496 more words

Movie Review: Kong Skull Island (2017) *Kong's Island is Hollow*

Coming out of last year’s Comic Con, I thought Kong Skull Island was the most impressive looking film of the bunch, and I had high hopes for cinema’s ape emeritus going into his first outing since the bloated mess that was Peter Jackson’s… 577 more words


10 Cloverfield Lane

2016  PG-13  1:45      John Goodman

A young woman wakes in a the cellar of a stranger after she is knocked out in an auto accident an auto accident. 229 more words


Movie Review: Kong Skull Island (2017)

In 1973,Bill Randa (John Goodman) works for a government agency called Monarch, Randa and his assistant Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins) convince a Senator not to defund Monarch by showing him a picture of Skull Island, a heretofore undiscovered island.  726 more words




So much to share. Where to begin?

I rarely delve into the subject of physical health but I am today. I had surgery on September 1st. 473 more words

Midlife Crisis

Honest Trailers: Kong: Skull Island


Synopsis: Enjoy an Honest Trailer so Honest that we’re not even the most Honest ones in it – Kong: Skull Island! 90 more words

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