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Kronk's New Groove (Elliot M. Bour, Saul Andrew Blinkoff, 2005)

Having recently watched The Emporer’s New Groove, Disney’s 2000 animated film that failed to light up the box office but did go some way to maintaining their credibility amongst an otherwise troubled period, I decided to watch the sequel. 518 more words


I Can`t Review "The Big Lebowski"

I tried several times. I started talking about the dude, i started talking about bowling, i started writing a plot synopsis, but i can`t possibly review “The Big Lebowski”. 988 more words


"Mother Night" on VHS (1996, Nick Nolte, John Goodman, Keith Gordon)

Well, this is a strange, little movie.  “Mother Night” stars Nick Nolte as an American living in pre-WWII Germany who gets recruited by the OSS (the predecessor of the CIA) via an agent played by John Goodman.  515 more words


John Goodman & Bond Girl Stephanie Sigman Added To Voltage's Untitled Bruce Willis Comedy

EXCLUSIVE: John Goodman, Stephanie Sigman, Adrian Martinez, Kal Penn and Emily Robinson have joined Bruce Willis in the Mark & Robb Cullen-directed untitled comedy for Voltage Pictures that just got underway in Venice Beach. 200 more words


Film 52 | The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski

It’s hard to imagine a film with such an impact on popular culture (such as an annual festival dedicated to the film,Lebowski fest; several books of Acadmeic texts discussing the film, two species of spider named after the film and its main star an attempt at a religion “Dudeism”) barely made back its budget at the box-office and received mixed critical reviews at the time of its release. 355 more words

The Monuments Men (George Clooney 2014)

and so anyway it turns out that the best thing about The Monuments Men (2014), George Clooney’s oddly uninvolving war movie about the unit attempting to retrieve the masterpieces of European art stolen by Nazis before they fall into the filthy red paws of the Soviet army sweeping into Germany from the east, is the long comedy sequence – cut from the cinematic release but now  available as a DVD extra – in which Bill Murray and John Goodman, mangling Gallic vowels in abominable stage French accents, disappear off on a side mission in a valiant effort to recover Van Klomp’s  7 more words


Inside Llewyn Davis - "This corduroy-clad guitarist eases you into a cinematic, dusty vinyl sleeve..."

Short reviews for clear and concise verdicts on a broad range of films…

Inside Llewyn Davis (Dir. Joel & Ethan Coen/2014)

Considering Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) lost his band-mate to suicide, you assume this heart-wrenching drama has happened before the start of Inside of Llewyn Davis. 138 more words

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