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Arachnophobia (1990) Review

Spiders and relatively normal sized ones aren’t really monsters but enough people are scared of them to make this a monster movie. I think spiders, heights and small spaces are the most popular phobias. 753 more words

When Reel Monsters Fight Real Monsters

One of the great things about being in my 40s is that I came of film age when filmmakers like John Carpenter and George Miller and Joe Dante were emerging to do whatever they wanted.

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Cardinals Honor Hall of Famer Lou Brock with #STLisLou Campaign

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Lou Brock is St. Louis and St. Louis is Lou Brock.

At the start of the 2016 season, the Cardinals launched the social media and fundraising campaign… 102 more words



Review by David Paul Hellings



So says the advertising campaign for Mant!, the latest low-budget schlock-horror classic from cigar-chomping producer Lawrence Woolsey (John Goodman, The Big Lebowski), who more than makes up for his films’ lack of production values by festooning them with gimmicks that would turn even William Castle (The Tingler) green with envy. 690 more words


Why the hell is Cloverfield considered as an Horror movie?

10 Cloverfield Lane (USA, 2016) – Don’t get mad too early. Here we’re talking about the somewhat-sequel of the famous found footage called Cloverfield (not that bad though, despite it’s shot in the overrated found footage style), a sequel that’s completely different from the first of the franchise. 256 more words


10 Cloverfield Lane...

This started so well…..and John Goodman was absolutely fantastic ! Then the last 20 minutes have still left me wondering why and wth?

The beauty of this film is all in the hands of John Goodman…you just cannot tell is he a goodie or a baddie? 125 more words