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My take on anxiety: I know what's real, but do I?

Remember how Aza Holmes, the obsessive compulsive protagonist in John Green’s Turtles All the Way Down, insists on calling her “intrusive” thoughts invasive instead? This has me in a loop for the longest time. 653 more words


Book Cage fight 2: Coming of age stories featuring microbes.

Occasionally, kismet makes two books in a row weirdly similar. Then I make them fight it out. Part one Here.

Today, two bildungsromans that feature lengthy diatribes on microbes. 577 more words


2 in 1 Reviews: Turtles All The Way Down + Sadie

As you can tell, I read a lot. You’re probably wondering when the reviews are going to stop coming. My answer is: never. But for now, I’m pretty sure this is the second to last batch of RTCs that I have stocked up so maybe I’ll take a break from reviews soon. 1,591 more words


Turtles All The Way Down Reflection

Looking retrospectively, Turtles All the Way Down may not qualify necessarily as a quality book. It hit many tropes that I know are no-no’s for many readers. 770 more words


The Fault in Our Stars is considered a Neo classic.It has been loved by many but has also been criticized by some.

Here are some of my thoughts on what I think about the piece.The story starts out very normally narrating the inner thoughts of a regular teenager.Only,she is not a regular teenager.She has cancer.So from her casual monologue we get that the book will not bullshit you about kids with cancer.It starts off showing the true purpose of the book-not getting melodramatic about the sufferings of life. 430 more words


Zitat: Mental Health

“This is important to me personally because I wouldn’t be able to function without the medication I take every day. It allows me to live with my thoughts rather than being controlled by them. 24 more words


The Nope Book Tag

A while ago Kelly @ justanotherbookinthewall did this tag and while I don’t like to dwell on the nopes (pop culture-wise; my own brainpan can get into depressive nope spirals like it’s my number one job), this was a fun tag to do! 1,628 more words

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