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The Movie Not Made by John Grey

Sure she was naked,

but not like you see in the movies,

and we made love,

but, once again,

nothing to threaten

the profound passions of the silver screen. 105 more words


Birth Days by John Grey

These women

are in various stages

of giving birth.

A few on watch.

Two already in the operating theater.

Some back in their beds,

smiling and healing. 52 more words


Hunting Season by John Grey

every so often,

a shot rings out

branches shake,

birds scatter in all directions

and then

every so often,

there’s a stillness

to the forest, 15 more words


That Inner City Song by John Grey

It is a song

though notes are scattered and many.

A car horn beeps the intro to

the rhythmic boom-box heat.

Voices tune to the jazz licks of the streets, 118 more words


Calcutta Time by JohnGrey

All this beat and rain,

what would you expect.

And not forgetting the pollution.

And the traffic.

Sure, it takes a century of

building this up… 143 more words


Three Poems


the word is out
that when you slip
into your lover’s arms

it makes him feel as if
somebody sexier has just left – 183 more words

John Grey

Poem by John Grey

Blood on The Snow

At six p.m.,
there’s blood on the snow
from where the eagle
swooped down on the squirrel,
from where it shook its life loose, 128 more words