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To Be Precise

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in New Plains Review, South Carolina Review, Stillwater Review, and Big Muddy Review… 118 more words


Poetry by John Grey: Drama and its Queen and A Cross-County Runner Turns 40


There is a drama
to ordinary everyday events.
So what about the rites of passage?
The life-changing?

It’s hard enough
to hold down… 312 more words


Poem - Moontalk by John Grey


Moon sings out
any new sighting with feigned surprise.
As ever. Moon, the troop ship,
rampant and denied, its useless blessing secured
during my evening course. 120 more words


A Dose by John Grey

But it’s the

only way I know

But whether

it’s an old lonely woman,

my favorite character

in ”Dracula.”

My granny’s okay

with it though. 56 more words


Code X by John Grey

as if that redeems

as long as no one’s
as you might think.

at  first

at risk
to be

back into a world
that bats fly out of


Good Characters but Nowhere by John Grey

Great portions

of life are gone forever.

growl  grunt,
gruesome beats

guarded, deliberate

from guillotines
to dodo birds

to guts wrapped round my ribcage,

hard crusts from hearts, 93 more words


The Plague Road by L C Tyler

1665 and John Grey is now a successful lawyer, with only the occasional dip into the world of politics, espionage and murder. But business is somewhat slow due to the Plague devastating most his potential clients, so when Secretary of State Lord Arlington asks/demands his help, he finds himself investigating a dead body found in a plague pit. 404 more words

L C Tyler