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John Grey


The arrival of spring is welcome
but not noteworthy.
I enjoy buds on trees
as much as anyone
and yes, I tingle a little… 190 more words

Be by John Grey

Be seeded.
Be fertilized.
Be watered.
Be furrowed.
Be picked.
Be the conveyance.
Be placed before me
Beautiful? Of course,
they all are.


Affair by John Grey

Models slink on down the catwalk.

beating of their hearts,

scenery they pass through.

as young as passports

just such a time as this

I like to believe… 29 more words


Drama by John Grey

agony of nausea

is almost a solid thing

to one side of him

as if times were made of pie crust

being towed away

while blanket that covered it… 116 more words


Drag Race by John Grey

as coyly as
the inevitable
can’t stop itself

I jerked and throttled
security booting
a hustler out of a lobby

slapped his face
in a glass of solution… 33 more words


Argument by John Grey

she spoke
like a

fashion model
on a catwalk

what he said
was like a fishing boat
lost in fog

and yet
her search light… 62 more words


To Be Precise

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in New Plains Review, South Carolina Review, Stillwater Review, and Big Muddy Review… 118 more words