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Poem - The Couple by John Grey


Pony-tailed, bearded,
tattoos riding both arms,
his vision of driving big rigs
from coast to coast
has mutated into the reality
of pushing a lawn-mower… 135 more words


Three Poems by John Grey

This Breakfast Question

His too-emphatic asking her to stay the night
hurried their relationship quicker than expected,
and now it’s his apartment and he’s still in bed… 670 more words


Two Poems


A mirror serves a purpose,
strives to remain constant
despite the changing faces –
sometimes someone new,
sometimes the same one
but a day older. 536 more words

John Grey

Two Poems

by John Grey 


It’s January
and light snow falls
on rooftop and garden.
the sky-blue Toyota in the driveway
and the streetlamp’s crumbling light. 333 more words


Previous Feature: John Grey

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in the Columbia Review, Studio One, and Tau, with work upcoming in Examined Life Journal, Midwest Quarterly, 245 more words


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