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Day After by John Grey

While your last night

cruised the silk road

to the light-swollen stars,

today you log long hours

under a tree,

like a fallen apple

wondering whatever happened… 111 more words


The Egg Cracks by John Grey

No surprise to Louise that Amber was drawn to the stars.

The throbbing of distant light, a long ago story told now

in a night sky, pitted, pierced, perforated – 156 more words


Lisa's Edict by John Grey

Ban sex in this house.

Even ban talk of sex,

And then thoughts of sex.

Let this be celibate house

#494506780 in the history

of the sex-free world. 144 more words


The Body Washed u/p on the Bank by John Grey

Last night, at dusk, a young girl and boy

found a body washed up on the bank of a river.

They were just sixteen, out for a romantic scroll, 211 more words


Sisters by John Grey

Ellen’s unlike her sisters.

Hannah and Susan

They are merely appetites

that need to be fed,

that get them into bad situations,

from which they somehow extract themselves… 192 more words


Dropping Another Kid by John Grey

All clowns are painted evil at the mouth,
lips red as the blood they dine on
that day of laughter’s cruel reckoning.
And she wonders why I’ve no wish… 167 more words


Rough Landing

A Poem by John Grey 

My wife sips a martini,
doesn’t even notice the turbulence.
Unlike her gin and vermouth,
clouds and metal don’t mix. 154 more words