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Mad Men: Episode 503 Tea Leaves Commentary

Episode 503: Tea Leaves is a strong return to form, well directed by John Hamm. We catch up with Betty, who is more Shelly Winters than Grace Kelly this season, thanks to the real-life pregnancy of January Jones. 3,180 more words

Nick Jonas, John Hamm, & John Legend Dramatically Read Justin Bieber's "Sorry" Lyrics

Is it too late now to say sorry? Like, as in, sorry these poor celebs were forced into dramatically reading Justin Bieber’s lyrics.

Justin Bieber’s song “Sorry” is a hit, but maybe not for the traditional reasons. 89 more words


Howl (2010)

Director – Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman

Starring – James Franco, David Strathairn, John Hamm, Jeff Daniels, Mary-Louise Parker, Bob Balaban, Treat Williams


What’s it all about? 83 more words



People thought that something too long would be boring.   The beginnings of the novel span an entire century and it’s filled with work that is interesting, bu doesn’t grab my attention.   411 more words


Viewed – 19 November 2015  Blu-ray

It has to be said, those little yellow guys from the Despicable Me movies have become a runaway merchandising goldmine, and so following their slapstick pratfalls in those two highly entertaining outings … getting their own movie was an obvious no brainer. 209 more words