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A County of History and Mystery

Westchester County set just outside New York City is known to many by two ideas, “Westchester is affluent” and “Westchester is upstate.” This community of nearly one million in approximately 500 square miles believes in something else. 405 more words

Longitude, Harrison Clocks, Lunars and Captain Cook (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)


During these same years, another competing method had been developed for finding longitude using the moon and stars themselves as a clock to determine the time back in Greenwich, England. 792 more words

Moving To New Zealand

Longitude, Harrison Clocks, Lunars and Captain Cook (Part 1)

One of the biggest problems facing early European navigators including Captain Cook, who was the first European to map New Zealand, was determining one’s longitude while at sea. 1,961 more words

Moving To New Zealand

INTERVIEW: John Harrison!

John Harrison might not necessarily be a household name for everyone, or perhaps you think I’m talking about John Harrison the British clockmaker who designed the first marine chronometer (and if you’re one of those people, give me your home address so I can come murder you), but horror fans should know who I’m talking about; he scored George Romero’s… 493 more words

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Sound Workshop (Part 2)

Yesterday we had sound workshop (part 2) with the Dr. Due to work commitments, it was not possible for me to go to London that morning. 1,005 more words


"Playing Up" night at Newcastle's Northern Stage

Playing Up is an exciting new theatre company of emerging writers from the North-East. Amongst the preparations for their scratch night at Northern Stage I caught up with two of the writers involved- Lewis Cuthbert and John Harrison. 773 more words