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Norfolk Marsh in Winter

I mentioned recently that I’d been paying homage to Edward Seago in an effort to rekindle my familiarity and confidence with simply applying brush to paper. 284 more words


'Common Sense' John Haywood Kind of Lacks It

From our Why Not Just Set Your Money on Fire desk

As you splendid readers might (or more likely might not) remember, the hardworking staff has dutifully chronicled the… 426 more words

John Haywood NYT Ad Trashed by a Different NYT Ad

Last week the hardworking staff noted this two-page ad in the New York Times paid for by political wannabe John Haywood, a South Carolina rich guy who mounted a Quixotic… 130 more words

Civilians Who Run Full-Page Ads in the New York Times ('Common Sense' John Haywood Edition)

The hardworking staff has no idea what this two-page spread in yesterday’s New York Times is all about.


So we plugged John Haywood into the Googletron and here’s what… 131 more words