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Interview with John Heald - Quick Fire Questions

While on the Vista transatlantic cruise we had the opportunity to interview Carnival spokesperson John Heald, who was also on that cruise. John has been with… 653 more words


Interview with John Heald - Rescue at Sea

Helicopter Rescue at Sea

Cruise ships have two types of sea rescues that could happen during the course of a cruise. The least common and most unlikely is rescue of people from another vessel in distress. 547 more words


The Carnival Obsession

Although my first cruise was on Holland America Line (HAL), I soon traveled on Carnival Cruise Line (CCL) and fell in love. HAL is a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation, but it is completely different from the Carnival Cruise Line ships. 801 more words


If I Wrote John Heald’s Blog – Chapter 3, Part II

We went to the Punchliner comedy club (¡Hola, Pablo!) just about every night it was open. Mark Hawkins and Just June were our favorites. We enjoyed both of them so much that we saw several of their shows, both the PG and adult versions. 1,126 more words


If I Wrote John Heald’s Blog – Chapter 3, Part I

Hello, my name is Stan. I am sitting here, fully clothed, writing John Heald’s blog today from our inside cabin aboard Carnival Glory. John is back in ex-EU England and will be joining the Carnival Splendor again in late July. 1,943 more words