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Red Light Cameras Need Green Light From Voters Under Proposal

DENVER (CBS4)– Voters in Colorado may soon have a say where red light cameras will be used. Two bills being considered by state lawmakers, one in the state House and one in the state Senate, would ask voters to give red light cameras the green light. 296 more words


Colorado Lawmakers Look To Study School Violence

DENVER (AP) — School violence and mental health would be the subject of a study for possible legislation in Colorado with a proposal that’s close to reaching the governor’s desk. 276 more words


Colorado Lawmakers OK Bill Making Schools Liable For Safety

DENVER (AP) – Legislation to make Colorado public schools legally liable for student safety awaits the governor’s signature.

The state House and Senate agreed Monday on final language in the bill to allow public schools to be sued for negligence in cases of school shootings or other violence. 103 more words


Colorado Governor Signs Pot Shop Welfare Ban Into Law

DENVER (AP) — Measures to ban the use of welfare cards at pot shops have been signed into law in Colorado.

Gov. John Hickenlooper signed two bills Friday to add marijuana businesses and strip clubs to the list of Colorado businesses where electronic benefits cards — called EBTs — can’t be used to withdraw cash. 91 more words


Colorado's Red-Light Camera Debate Heats Up

DENVER (AP) — A legislative showdown over red-light enforcement cameras is heating up in the Legislature.

The state Senate gave preliminary approval Thursday to a bill to compel towns to get voter approval to keep the cameras. 84 more words


Feds Send Warning To Colorado Lawmakers Regarding Standardized Testing

DENVER (CBS4) – As the debate over standardized testing in Colorado schools continues, state lawmakers got a warning from the federal government about Colorado students opting out of the tests. 446 more words


Governor's Aide Steps In To Head Colorado Insurance Exchange

DENVER (AP) — The board of directors of Connect for Health Colorado says a top aide is leaving the governor’s office to lead Colorado’s health insurance exchange. 120 more words