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BuMP -#2: Psychotic Birds in a Boat Headed North by Northwest to Catch a Thieving Correspondent Intent on Sabotaging the Stranger on a Train Standing at the Rear Window and Holding a Rope Despite the Vertigo and the Trouble with Harry

Hume: “I’m not sure what I’m seeing. It’s almost indescribable, like the weird way these clothes make me look twelve years old.”

Henry: “Well, I lost my glasses fightin’ off that giant squid a few miles back while the rest of you did squat, but I think one of them words on that sign says ‘blog’ or some such.” 787 more words


I've done a lot of dreaming with The Harvey Girls (1946)

George Sidney’s The Harvey Girls combines my most beloved film genre – the musical – with my most dreaded – the western. What results is a splendid woman centered story about dreams, romance, civilizing the west (ah), and finding your place in the great big world. 911 more words

Horseshoe Shuffle

THE HARVEY GIRLS is like the ultimate film of entertainment, with memorable songs, lovely actors (and John Hodiak, a cartoon wolf), elegant dance and camera moves, sumptuous colours, and a huge amount of good-natured fun. 454 more words


Somewhere in the Night, a Tightly Knit Suffocating Noir

By the 1st of August, 1945, Louella Parsons reported in her column that, “A Lonely Journey” was set to film with John Hodiak to star for 20th Century Fox; Howard Dimsdale and Marvin Borowsky were listed as the writers. 828 more words

Potluck 2