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Movie Quote of the Day - Two Smart People, 1946 (dir. Jules Dassin)

Ace: There isn’t any kind of after for people like us. We’re a special kind of breed. We were born after the clock stopped. No yesterday, no tomorrow.

Movie Quote Of The Day

Lifeboat (1944) - Alfred Hitchcock

Lifeboat is one of Alfred Hitchcock’s four films that he self-consciously set in a confined, limited space. The other’s are Rope, Dial M for Murder… 1,317 more words


Battle Zone (1952)

Notorious producer Walter Wanger bounced back from a short stint in prison to begin his climb back to respectability with some low budget B films in 1952 including this Korean war tale. 470 more words

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DRAGONFLY SQUADRON (1954) - "B" picture gets "A" treatment for 3-D bluray release

Hello!  I’m a bit late at getting to this announcement, but in truth I waited for my four-year-old neighbor to pick the winning names out of a hat.   1,066 more words

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HitchcOctober Day 6: Lifeboat

In the midst of World War 2, a freighter is torpedoed by a German U-Boat, during which both ships sink. One lifeboat remains afloat, and is gradually filled with survivors, beginning with famous journalist Constance Porter (Talulah Bankhead), and eventually includeinga headstrong engine-worker named Kovac (John Hodiak), radio operator Stan (Hume Cronyn), nurse Alice (Mary Anderson), millionaire Ritt (Henry Hull), wounded seaman Gus (William Bendix), black steward Joe (Canada Lee) and mourning mother Mrs. 602 more words


Favorite things about... The Harvey Girls (1946)

The favorite film:
The Harvey Girls, a 1946 technicolor musical directed by George Sidney

The synopsis:
Susan Bradley is taking the train west to marry a man she’s been corresponding with via letters. 852 more words


What’s a Christian Hipster supposed to do when faced with the master of suspense telling a story about 10 people stranded together at sea? Answer: Consider race relations, outrageous personalities, and potential sermon illustrations. 1,781 more words

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