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Distilled Priorities

So the thing, for me, about unschooling, is that it doesn’t mean applying the same applicator brush to every child. I thought for a while that it did, and maybe I’ll change my mind again on that down the line. 961 more words

NaNoWriMo 12.5 - What is RadiCool Unschooling? Pt 3

Okay…at long last…

WHAT is RadiCool Unschooling then?

RadiCool Unschooling is applying the same principles of autonomy, respect, and human rights that you do with education…to as many areas as you can with your little human…without compromising their health & safety. 686 more words

Reggae Covers: John Holt - Just The Way You Are (Billy Joel)

I’ve never been a big fan of Billy Joel’s music. You have to recognize the staying power and broad appeal of his music nonetheless so it’s unsurprising to find something of his in the covers-happy world of Jamaican popular music. 64 more words


Learning without being taught: it's a thing!

I have always been a big believer in children’s ability to learn without being taught. All my thoughts on this matter were just vague ideas until I read… 749 more words

Montessori Education

Lead with Purpose...

Leading with purpose involves a direction of higher calling. The task is about helping others become leaders. Only then, by reproducing of ourselves, can we as Christians fulfill the Great Commission and change the world by teaching those who are faithful to teach others also. 130 more words

History of Contemporary Homeschool

July, 2017

Homeschooling, though not a new phenomenon, has become an increasingly popular social movement in America. Homeschoolers have more than doubled over the years, with homeschool, according to Murphy (2013) becoming a more popular choice among parents, making homeschool more mainstream in American culture than an unconventional mean of education (Murphy, 2013). 244 more words