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Modern Mathematicians: John Horton Conway

I have read many books about famous mathematicians, such as Pythagoras or Gauss, who lived many years ago, however I know little about modern mathematicians. So, I had the idea to start a series where I talk about those at the forefront of today’s research. 600 more words


Mathematician John Horton Conway


Here’s a good article about John Horton Conway, an unusual and remarkable mathematician, from the Guardian:

The world’s most charismatic mathematician

Siobhan Roberts

The Manchester Guardian, Thursday 23 July 2015 01.00 EDT… 439 more words

John Horton Conway

414/514 Examples of Baire class two functions

Previously, we listed some examples of Baire class one functions. Here we do the same for functions in the next class of Baire. Recall that if is an interval, the function is (in) Baire class two () iff it is the pointwise limit of a sequence of Baire one functions. 784 more words

414/514: Analysis I

Order from Disorder and Elsewhere

Life is a spurt of energy at a point in space and time! Yet, the spurt isn’t a shot in the dark. There is a beautiful order in a life form’s interaction with other life forms, both during its life and over the course of evolution. 450 more words

Systems Biology

7 Oct 2013: I get no kick from cocaine?

No workout at all today for the first no-workout day in months because of last night’s pain which was a multiple of the intensity of the intensity of the night before.   764 more words

Video: Recreating the Game of Life with Atmel and Arduino

The Game of Life (aka Life) can best be described as a cellular automaton created by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970.

Essentially, it is a zero-player game, meaning that its very evolution is determined by an initial state, requiring no further input. 141 more words

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