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A Nonviolent Way of Doing Theology (ala J.H. Yoder)

Below is a companion essay to my previous Church and State post… The same caveat still applies. And for you lay theologians out there, “epistemology” is essentially a flowery word for “a way of knowing things” or for the often-complicated answer to the question “how do you know what’s True?” 2,431 more words

Church and State: Beyond the Constantinian Assumption (ala J.H. Yoder)

This is a much longer post than I usually do — a paper written last semester.  I post it today in response to some thoughts and conversations about the political protests happening around the country.   2,944 more words

Mennonite Seminary Offers Justice and Healing

Earlier this year I wrote about the Mennonite theologian John Howard Yoder. Yoder spent decades sexually abusing women at the Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. He had enough power to effectively shut down the seminary’s investigation of his victims’ complaints. 365 more words

Church Response

Scot McKnight on the Politics of Jesus

“Roman politics is about power and domination and might and force and coercion and the sword. The politics of Jesus is about sacrificial love for the other  60 more words

Book Review

Some Missional Tweets for Your Weekend


Lift up Christ when asked. Live Christ so people ask.

— Leonard Sweet (@lensweet) October 13, 2014


Scripture makes no differentiation btwn sacred & secular in activities.

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Quote of the Day

‘Politics’ affirms an unblinking recognition that we deal with matters of power, of rank and of money, of costly decisions and dirty hands, of memories and feelings.

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Theology, Schmeology. What About Christianity?

The Christian Century is getting serious about clergy sexual misconduct, or so it would seem from their current cover article, “Theology and misconduct.” It covers the story of John Howard Yoder, the legendary Mennonite theologian and sexual abuser. 463 more words

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