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A Faith Not Worth Fighting For (York and Barringer)

Tripp York and Justin Bronson Barringer, eds.

A Faith Not Worth Fighting For: Addressing Commonly Asked Questions About Christian Nonviolence

Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2012… 1,618 more words


"Politics of Jesus" By John H. Yoder

The Politics of Jesus: Vicit Agnus Noster by John Howard Yoder
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In 1972, John Howard Yoder set out, in his Politics of Jesus, to recapitulate a kind of “biblical realism” as an alternative to the reigning theological framework of his day. 1,876 more words

Yoder on faithful living and Marion on faithful seeing

Similarities between the theology of John Howard Yoder and Jean-Luc Marion may not be immediately evident. At the same time, I suspect that Marion’s work will become more helpful to my own theological work if I can tease out some of these similarities and put them into conversation with each other. 598 more words


John Howard Yoder's Sexual Abuse: Asking the Wrong Question

Even though this week a Goshen College student was slapped by Jennifer Lopez, John Howard Yoder is still the biggest Mennonite celebrity we have. While at… 770 more words


Myles Werntz, "Erase This From The Blackboard: Pearl Jam, John Howard Yoder, And The Overcoming Of Trauma"

I suggest that Ten represent a real struggle with the question of violence’s inevitability, suggesting that (for Pearl Jam) the solution to trauma and violence lies not in repeating it, but in breaking free of its bonds and presuppositions.  

1,476 more words

PhaenEx Review Essay on Daniel Colucciello Barber's new book

Available here – a good way to end 2014. The book was a pleasure to read, as well as his earlier work in On Diaspora… 31 more words


A Nonviolent Way of Doing Theology (ala J.H. Yoder)

Below is a companion essay to my previous Church and State post… The same caveat still applies. And for you lay theologians out there, “epistemology” is essentially a flowery word for “a way of knowing things” or for the often-complicated answer to the question “how do you know what’s True?” 2,431 more words