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The Elephant Man (1980)

I  am not an elephant! I am not an animal! I am a human being! I am a man!

David Lynch directs this biographical film about Joseph Merrick, the severely disabled man in the 19th century. 231 more words

Hercules (2014)

The Rock was rocking out in this mythical action film. I thought that the cast had some great chemistry and I thought it had some really funny writing. 179 more words


What makes YOUR Doctor THE Doctor?

Doctor Who has been going for over 50 years now and the one reason its been able to stay on our TV screens is its ability to change it up every now and again. 375 more words

Doctor Who

Behind the Scenes of the 50th

I’ve watched this about five times.

It was incredibly amazing to see Tom Baker in the 50th because he never had come back to the role on screen.

In Defense Of: The Black Cauldron

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Negative Review

Hercules Movie Review

For all the partially deserved fanboy flack that Brett Ratner gets for his middling X-Men entry, 2006’s The Last Stand, the truth is that the guy knows how to create fairly passable entertainment. 443 more words