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Warlocks and Mayhem

The story begins dear readers in a land of myth and time of magic.  The plot twists are snakelike and positively spiky like a freshly grown wild pruneberry growing wild in a wild bush.   703 more words


Contact (1997)

Twenty years ago this film was frequently given much praise by the pretentious film critics of the day, and mocked by people who knew better. In many ways, Robert Zemeckis’  677 more words



When I was a kid and started to get interested in reading more heavy material, I looked over my parents’ bookshelves and found a copy of the 1959 edition of 1984 by George Orwell. 977 more words


Review in Brief: Jackie (2016)

Natalie Portman is pretty near perfect as Jackie Kennedy. There’s nowhere to hide with her forever centre-frame and sometimes uncomfortably close up when she is at her most vulnerable. 146 more words


Eloquence Revisited

Following the sad death of Sir John Hurt, the DWAS magazine Celestial Toyroom opted to do a special issue dedicated entirely to the great actor’s career. 13 more words

Doctor Who


 Greetings again from the darkness. Only the rarest of fiction can match the depth and intensity of historically crucial watershed moments. A list of such moments would certainly include the 2006 St. 522 more words


Alien (1979, Ridley Scott), the director's cut

Ridley Scott’s director’s cut of Alien feels like vaguely engaged exercise more than any kind of devout restoration. Its less than artistic origins–Scott cut it together a combination, apparently, of fan service and studio marketing needs–actually help it quite a bit in the first act. 626 more words