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Snowpiercer (2013)

Toilet Review: You ready to learn all about snow from an Inuit cleaning woman?

“Snowpiercer” is an odd movie. It has all the hallmarks of an excellent dystopian science fiction piece but just doesn’t seem to land quite right. 450 more words


Hercules (2014)

I vaguely remember this hitting the movie theater in 2014 thinking that maybe it would be fun to see. However that thought passed quickly and soon I forgot about this film and judging by the box office numbers I am not alone.  776 more words


Quips, questions and The Name of the Doctor (2013)

River Song (Alex Kingston) has a succinct assessment of the Doctor (Matt Smith), which she delivers in The Name of the Doctor: “He doesn’t like endings.” We might adapt it for showrunner Steven Moffat by saying “he doesn’t like explanations.” His style is to not explain everything to the audience and to not let exposition slow down a story. 1,300 more words

The Elephant Man (1980)

The Elephant Man tells the true life story of John Merrick, a man dreadfully deformed from birth who was saved from a freak show by a kindly doctor to become the toast of Victorian society. 136 more words


Brilliant Book Titles #5

An occasional series of blog posts whenever something takes my fancy.

I passed this book on the shelves this morning and I remembered how much I loved it, both the book and the John Hurt film! 83 more words

High on a hill lived a lonely Jedi

If you sang that, then my work is more or less done and I could¬†probably go now. But I dropped in to expand upon this meme that’s been doing the rounds. 68 more words

Doctor Who