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Can Exercise Help Me To Learn?

“Exercise helps you to learn on three levels: first, it optimizes your mind-set to improve alertness, attention and motivation; second, it prepares and encourages nerve cells to bind to one another, which is the cellular basis for logging in new information; and third, it spurs the development of new nerve cells from stem cells in the hippocampus,” so says… 479 more words


Does Exercise Reduce Our Chances of Alzheimer's?

Regular readers know how strongly I feel about including exercise in our daily life. This is not just for weight control, but because our bodies are organic machines that need to move and be maintained. 355 more words


Can Exercise Help Me to Live Longer?

As I have written repeatedly in the blog, exercise is one of the keys to healthy aging as well as healthy living. Here is a super explanation of the impact of aerobic exercise on the cardiovascular system from the book… 258 more words


Quote #9 John J. Ratey on Exercise

“Exercise is not an instant cure, but you need to get your brain working again, and if you move your body your brain won’t have any choice.”
― John J. Ratey


Say It Ain’t So

I had an extraordinary weekend without doing anything extraordinary. It started off like any other weekend – I woke up, stretched, wiped the sleep from my eyes and lingered in bed, staring at the ceiling making a mental list of all the checkmarks I needed to collect before I crawled back in at the end of the day. 318 more words

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