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Geoff Humpage: Unwavering Warwickshire (part 2)

“You can’t win singlehandedly…”

St John’s Wood, postcode NW8.

Once part of a Royal Forest, now the most expensive rental area in London.

In the 692 years since ownership of the woodland passed to the Knights Hospitaller, it has gone from forest fragment to the fifth highest house prices in London. 3,676 more words


Geoff Humpage: Unwavering Warwickshire (part 1)

“That’s probably the best one.”

Ray Illingworth, a 51 year old veteran-to-end-all-veterans, was trundling in to bowl his winding off-spin. Despite having supposedly retired several years earlier, and despite having been a First Class cricketer for over three decades, Illingworth’s performances in 1983 were more than commendable. 2,359 more words


Leather joints and doublures

After the leather covering I left the book for a few days so that the leather was completely dry.  The boards had settled and I was able to decide what action was necessary to counteract the outward  pull of the leather. 138 more words

John Jameson

Nova #34

Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning // Mahmud Asrar
April 2010

Very old-fashioned plotting, like Roy Thomas or even Gardner Fox. A temporal magician, the Sphinx, fights his younger self by pitting champions in a contest for control of reality-altering gems. 45 more words

Mr. Fantastic

Nova #33

Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning // Andrea DiVito
March 2010

A Kang knock-off shunts Nova & other heroes into a spacetime rift to help fight his younger self. 66 more words

Mr. Fantastic

leather covering

Wet the skin/hair side of the leather.  Spread the leather out skin side up on clean waste and using a pad of cotton wool, wet it out evenly all over.  1,098 more words

John Jameson