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Geoff Humpage: Unwavering Warwickshire (part 1)

“That’s probably the best one.”

Ray Illingworth, a 51 year old veteran-to-end-all-veterans, was trundling in to bowl his winding off-spin. Despite having supposedly retired several years earlier, and despite having been a First Class cricketer for over three decades, Illingworth’s performances in 1983 were more than commendable. 2,359 more words


Tuesday Throwback: John Jameson Attends His Own Funeral

I wrote about this Jameson commercial early in Commercial Society’s history, and I still love it. So badass.

Tuesday Throwback

Leather joints and doublures

After the leather covering I left the book for a few days so that the leather was completely dry.  The boards had settled and I was able to decide what action was necessary to counteract the outward  pull of the leather. 138 more words

John Jameson

Nova #34

Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning // Mahmud Asrar
April 2010

Very old-fashioned plotting, like Roy Thomas or even Gardner Fox. A temporal magician, the Sphinx, fights his younger self by pitting champions in a contest for control of reality-altering gems. 47 more words

Mr. Fantastic

Nova #33

Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning // Andrea DiVito
March 2010

A Kang knock-off shunts Nova & other heroes into a spacetime rift to help fight his younger self. 68 more words

Mr. Fantastic

leather covering

Wet the skin/hair side of the leather.  Spread the leather out skin side up on clean waste and using a pad of cotton wool, wet it out evenly all over.  1,098 more words

John Jameson

a few random thoughts on covering

Adhesives….I shall be using a starch paste to put the leather on then book. There are a number of ready-mixed and prepared varieties available from suppliers but I prefer to make up my own flour paste for any decent binding. 1,023 more words

John Jameson