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A New Look at AfterShock Comics and Garth Ennis' Jimmy's Bastards

Earlier this year Aftershock Comics announced a brand new series from Garth Ennis called Jimmy’s Bastards, which hits stores in June. Today, the comic publisher announced the rest of the creative team as well as some artwork. 111 more words


Superman 11 review

In the previous issue, Jon Kent met Damien Wayne. Things didn’t go all that smoothly. Their fight destroyed Batman’s genetics lab, so for punishment, Superman and Batman sent their sons off to a boot camp of sorts, trying to force them to work together. 339 more words

Comic Review

First Impressions: 6-Pack and Dogwelder HTH

(W) Garth Ennis

(A)  Russ Brown

(C)  John Kalisz

This book is essentially about the team of weird wannabe heroes called Section 8 and is a 6-issue miniseries. 233 more words


Thwip! Reviews - Superman #05

Summary:  Superman has strategically retreated to the moon.  But does he have a plan to deal with the Eradicator?  Actually…he does!

Patrick Gleason and Peter Tomasi’s story is really shaping up to be something phenomenal.  173 more words


Superman #4

The Superman creative team is doing something that I didn’t think could be possible – making Superman relatable, and entertaining. If you had told me that Superman was going to be at the top of my read pile three months ago, I would have laughed in your face devilishly (as I twirled my villainous mustache). 349 more words

DC Comics

Superman #2 Reviewed

No, not that Superman #2…this Superman #2.

The Superman creative team has been firing on all cylinders. Just look at that cover. A triumphant Superman flying through the clouds. 533 more words

DC Comics

Superman #1 Reviewed

What makes a good Superman story? Action? Yes. Adventure? Yes. Mystery? Yes. Having all those elements in a Superman story is great, but more than that is needed. 540 more words

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