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Lost Books

I’m not big on nostalgia, but “books I once owned” is a class of memories guaranteed to induce misty-eyed reverie, if not outright pangs of regret. 560 more words


The Neon Bible

“If you were different from anybody in town, you had to get out. That’s why everybody was so much alike. The way they talked, what they did, what they liked, what they hated.

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John Kennedy Toole

Born on this day. Every thing you need to know about Toole can be found here (documentary), here (biography) and here (review of aforementioned bio). Stay tuned for the forthcoming… 28 more words

New Orleans

Women Who Read A Confederacy of Dunces in Public.

There are particular books in this life that people, specifically “women,” will read very calculatedly in public. One of the most shining examples is A Confederacy of Dunces… 276 more words


Jesse Williams had some timeless reading recommendations earlier this year:

#FridayPhonics #EachOneTeachOne #SetYourTable #ArmYourselves #ArmYourCountry

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