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Tax Free Bonds to Contributors?

Years later, the shady fundraising continues. #lalege

Make Louisiana Proud?

As a state we no longer pretend it’s acceptable for legislators to hand out campaign checks to supporters after they vote on the house floor.   That’s why the Louisiana legislature prohibited its members from raising campaign money during legislative session to avoid the perception of undue influence or  quid pro quo.  111 more words

Davies joins Rodgers at Celtic - Kennedy to follow?

With Chris Davies appointed as assistant manager to Brendan Rodgers, the coaching team is beginning to take shape. Davies was Rodgers’ assistant at Swansea and Liverpool so the partnership is an established and familiar one. 275 more words

Celtic Football Club

The Birth of Gadsby & Hannah

One day in 1956, Senator Saltonstall asked Brad Morse to get him some information from the Department of the Navy. Morse called Llewelyn Evans, the Navy‘s general counsel, and Evans put him in touch with a young lawyer on his staff. 1,256 more words

Never, Never, Ever Give Up

1919 – Walt Disney is fired from his newspaper job for lacking imagination.

1926 – Lucille Ball is told by her acting  coach that she’s wasting “her time and ours.” 82 more words

What the Assassins Know

Martin and Malcolm and Bobby and Jack.

You still hear their echoes inside of books.

Heroes are killed, and they never come back.

Stepped to the front and took lead of the pack. 126 more words