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Don't Mess With Texas Art Fairs: On Dallas During a Week of Auctions and Openings

A few blocks away from the Dallas Art Fair—with its collectors rich by oil spending their loot on gorgeous works of art all of last week—is Dealey Plaza, where shots were fired at President John F. 1,630 more words

6 Poems 2016 Candidates Should Read

Former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo famously said that “you campaign in poetry; you govern in prose” to contrast the difference between the soaring rhetoric of a candidate and the workaday efforts of an elected official. 670 more words

Jefferson: Bankers More Dangerous than Armies

Paper is poverty … it is only the ghost of money, and not money itself.

–Thomas Jefferson

The Colonies financed the Revolutionary War by printing Continental Currency. 2,259 more words

Who From History Would You Like To Meet?

Sources: Statesman Journal | All Things Michael

Some kids were asked by a local newspaper to name someone from history that they would like to meet. 257 more words

Michael Jackson

Closer to home ... how about Cuba?

Shifting our attention closer to home for a moment or two …

A new poll shows that most Cuban-Americans agree with the U.S. policy shift toward that fearsome foe of freedom, Cuba. 217 more words

17/ Gilgamesh

In the tumultuous race towards the opening an epic was happening quietly.  Tessa Marwick and Midge Pike had taken on the legend of Gilgamesh, and, almost invisibly, magicked a production that complemented  300 more words

Tessa Marwick


Assailant: (n) a person who physically attacks another

It happens every time without fail–especially when I’m watching some sort of special broadcast about the assassination of John Kennedy or Abraham Lincoln. 366 more words