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It is often a reality of human nature, that when things are going badly in ones life, that person finds it too painful to accept personal responsibility. 904 more words

Obama is not America

I am a great fan of the United States of America.  It is the land of the free. The customer is still king.  It is a country where a citizen seeing an expensive car or a large house will think “I might have one of those one day if I work hard” whereas, in our poor jealous country, a citizen will ask “Why does he have that car/house when I do not?” 760 more words


Everyone is confused about why JFK was in London today

The sight of John F Kennedy and First Lady Jackie in the back of a Lincoln Continental is perhaps one of the most famous in history. 399 more words


Wisconsin Primary 1960

In late March 1960 a yet to turn 43-year-old Senator from Massachusetts was near the beginning of his long hard struggle for the presidency when he arrived in Wisconsin to face off Minnesota’s popular senator. 840 more words



In his Presidential inaugural address on January 20, 1961, John Kennedy implored the nation “to bear any burden and pay any price” in defense of liberty. 973 more words

Today Remembering (The) Martin, in Dion's Song

Today is the 48th anniversary of the shooting death/murder of The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.in Memphis, Tennessee.

That night in Indianapolis, a crowd unaware of King’s death was informed of it by Robert F. 184 more words

50 Years of Angry White People


Angry white people are in the news again.

This time they are dragging our nation into the sweaty, alcohol drenched bar room brawl known as… 2,630 more words