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Donald Trump, Your Message to Blacks is Insulting

In the last several days, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has made speeches before predominately White supporters asking African-American citizens to vote for him.  Not only did he paint with a broad brush, he also told people that Democrats are bad for Blacks.  445 more words

Civil Rights

Free yourself from childlike trust, and from fear of ostracism

The feds show their incompetence even when they finger a patsy. What does it say about the feds’ case against Oswald, when they had their ducks all lined up about two hours after doctors declared Kennedy dead at Parkland hospital? 655 more words


Newcastle North Stars 2016 Player Awards

The Newcastle North Stars also held their awards night on 17 August. For more information see the article by Ellie-Marie Watts

– Most Valuable Player: … 35 more words

2016 AIHL Season

The Real Victim

We have already heard the claim that this election is “rigged” and that Donald Trump may lose as a result. What this translates into it: My name is Donald The Trumpet and IF I lose it will not be as a result of my own failings as a person and a potential president, it will be because the Democrats have rigged the election.” In a word, it’s an escape clause that Trump has built into his ridiculous candidacy, because in his mind he cannot lose fair and square. 526 more words


Dangerous Donald: A Clear and Present Danger?

Who’s Committing Treason?

In November 1963 a few short days before President John Kennedy visited Dallas where he would be tragically assassinated, thousands of handbills like these were distributed by supporters of the right-wing group the John Birch Society, a conservative reactionary group who were fiercely anti communist, and were for limited government. 341 more words

American Way

Trump as Macbeth

When it comes to Donald Trump there appears to be no limit to the depths to which he will descend in his faux campaign for the presidency, a campaign that seems more and more like a textbook exercise in narcissistic self-indulgence. 521 more words

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Treasure Kennedy warns of unclaimed property scam

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Louisiana State Treasure John Kennedy wants you to watch out for a scam involving unclaimed property.

He says letters are circulating that claim to be from the “National Association of Unclaimed Property or NAUPA.” 94 more words