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kerry family .......... commie china have a lot of u.s. gov./politicians on the take

Many U.S. political characters have been bought by the Communist Chinese Party. If the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, along with the Department of Homeland Security, DOJ do nothing and let these treasonous ass-holes off the hook (like they have for years now) then our government (not just politicians) are owned by China. 90 more words

Did The Post Implicate Biden?

Did the Washington Post just inadvertently implicate Joe Biden? It’s apparent Biden received a split of the money that was being paid to Hunter Biden by foreign corporations and governments. 87 more words

Political, Hey!

joe placed hunter high up the chain......... distrubutor of bribe money

America, how does your rear end feel today? All these DC swamp crime families getting theirs while many Americans struggle. And they pretend to be for the little guy. 96 more words

Joe Biden’s super PAC head run by a foreign agent

Millions of dollars are filling the coffers of Joe Biden. We wonder where the money is coming from. We know Wall Street, the globalists that they are, say to heck with the USA, it’s all about the money don’t you know. 742 more words

Deep State