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Kline denounces appalling conditions at tribal schools, but change is elusive

U.S. Rep. John Kline told his colleagues on Capitol Hill Wednesday that children should not go to school in a pole barn.

The Minnesota Republican, who chairs the House Education and Workforce Committee, told the panel about… 278 more words


Congressmen get a firsthand look at Indian school crisis

MINNESOTA – Staff and teachers grimly detailed the aging Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig High School building’s structural failings for three visiting U.S. congressmen Wednesday. But it was a comment from a student that drove home the dire need to replace the pole barn where classes are held. 170 more words


Congressmen tour 'horrific' conditions at school on Leech Lake reservation

A first-hand look at the dilapidated condition of a school on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation Wednesday left a pair of Minnesota Congressmen vowing to push for federal money to upgrade such schools. 265 more words


"A Hollow Bromide": Don’t Believe The Hype; Republicans Still Don’t Have A Health Care Plan

With the Supreme Court considering a case that could unravel the Affordable Care Act, leaving some 8.2 million Americans suddenly uninsured and sending premiums skyrocketing, the Republican Party has a comforting message for voters: We have a solution. 576 more words




I actually kept my letter simple:

I would like to see an end to DST. It disrupts sleep patterns, circadian rhythm, and therefore can have a negative impact on mental health for many people.

Mental Health

Paul Ryan: GOP's Tax Credit Health Plan Gives Choice Free Rein

Rep. Paul Ryan says that the tax credits included in his replacement plan for Obamacare are not like the subsidies in the current law, as the replacement plan allows buyers more freedom. 449 more words

Current Events

Paul Ryan, John Kline and Fred Upton: An Off-Ramp From ObamaCare

Wall Street Journal: If the Supreme Court follows the law, there will be an opening for a sane health-care alternative. Here it is.

Editor’s note: The following was written by Republicans John Kline, Paul Ryan and Fred Upton, chairmen, respectively, of the House committees on Education and Workforce, Ways and Means, and Energy and Commerce. 60 more words