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Pixar Review 2: Luxo Jr

So now we get to review our first ever actual Pixar branded short, Luxo Jr.  In 1986 Steve Jobs bought the computer animation division from Lucasfilms and branded it Pixar. 725 more words


Pixar Review 1: The Adventures of André and Wally B

Welcome to the start of my new project reviewing all the Pixar films and animated shorts.  The first 5 of these reviews are going to be shorts made by Pixar from 1984 to 1995 release of Toy Story. 590 more words


People want to be..., 4/5/15

“People want to be creatively satisfied, and having fun is such an important part of that.” 

~John Lasseter

Quotes 2015

Inspirational Quotes #4: John Lasseter

“People who get into animation tend to be kids. We don’t have to grow up. But also, animators are great observers, and there’s this childlike wonder and interest in the world, the observation of little things that happen in life.”


written on his hands

How do you know someone loves you? They love and care for you. They spend time with you. They share things with you. Sometimes, we exchange symbols – like when we exchange rings on marriage. 515 more words


Did You Know... Toy Story?

Trivia, Goofs, Fun Facts, Connections… Did You Know all these things about “Toy Story”?
Tell us in the comments section!


Hello everyone!

Did you Know all this trivia and fun facts about 1995 Pixar’s film Toy Story? 601 more words


Why it matters who Steve Jobs really was

”In 2011 Walter Isaacson published a biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs,” Lev Grossman writes for TIME Magazine. “Isaacson’s biography was fully authorized by its subject: Jobs handpicked Isaacson, who had written biographies of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.” 279 more words