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M. Butterfly Part 3 - Conclusion

All of the theories that are mention in the previous article indicate that books are always better than their adaptations. When doing so, viewers also need to see how the adaptations capture the essence of the original text. 1,001 more words


M. Butterfly Part 2 - How can adaptation be better than the original text?

Second theory is ‘anti-corporeality.’ In this content filmic text is seen as an obscene. Reading a book triggers your imaginary to provide the scene that is written, but in the film it portrays it to the viewer. 740 more words


Book to Film Adaptation - Case Study of M.Butterfly (1993, David Cronenberg)

Many forms of texts are now being made into movies. Adapting from books, games, or even radio shows. When adaptation happens occurs, sometimes fans are outraged when the films are not truthful to the original text. 888 more words


crazy yellow actors on the tv set

Asian American actors are no longer anomalous yellow faces on TV and movie screens.  It wasn’t long ago when an AA on TV meant a guest spot on “Kung Fu” or “MASH”.  458 more words

Aaron Takahashi