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Iceman (1984)

Anthropologist Stanley Shephard (Timothy Hutton) is brought to an arctic base when explorers discover the body of a prehistoric man (John Lone) who has been frozen in a block of ice for 40,000 years. 277 more words


I have no prejudice against male or female. – John Lone http://dlvr.it/Khnrl4


M. Butterfly

Part of a series on the films of Jeremy Irons

I was always intrigued by M. Butterfly. Before this series of the films of Jeremy Irons (how the heck did I start writing this series anyway?), I knew of the first as a Cronenberg picture. 733 more words


what if a man loved a perfect woman created by a man

m.butterfly (1993) – a film directed by david cronenberg

‘snow’ of maximilian hecker is a song i am looping tonight / it’s nothing about the lyrics / but just the music / it echoes with the leftover bittersweetness from ‘m.butterfly (1993)’ of david cronenberg – a movie from last night / the reason i loved particular film/ was how the exquisiteness of human feelings it had screened / it’s a true story between the french diplomat n the chinese diva / a french guy found his butterfly who gave him wings / seeing love could be such a vivid n seductive thing / but a spy who was a woman created by a man with tendering shell holding slyly heart / spoiled every single spark ignited by the love at last / who could judge the true love of the french guy / who himself become the butterfly and ended his life / in the jail he performed his show on the stage of humiliation / he stood so firm to defend his love of illusion / no wonder if it was a true story / the dramatic tour de force created so much fantasies / i couldn’t be freed / from the tension of love within / love in real life could become so unreal / may be the life itself isn’t actually real / so be freed of any judgements / but cheer to the love even so in the heaven / 31 more words