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disfortune by John M. Bennett

anything ulsively making
will worse true friend
‘s financial mess is 

there for you wh is if
by magic anywh
avoid comp possible 

with a thinging heart… 17 more words


lubricante diagonal by John M. Bennett

excrete convective cult
ure menate ay wipers
marked yr coastal face
costal de postales de
revistas zapateras no
me mames el ser lectivo
beans nor wood snakes… 34 more words


climate denial by John M. Bennett

sleep plunder wear yr
song foam’s ,laundry
ththundders up yr
hash faced egg an
aspirina’s skin inside
a hair tide’s warning
,clown yrself ,drown
the blank cloud yr… 29 more words


own & not by John M. Bennett


yin chin
ampa chido
mis tuyos


rat crust
yr flown shit
pullt down
rotty was


rain dead by John M. Bennett

feed ,and follow rupt me
corpse inflation ,flatter
swallow wan yr utter
core ,reuseless, knottered
,flagged an throat yr
plumbage drained before
a thuddered skull… 41 more words