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sleeves by John M. Bennett

days or clam was
backwards ,hair em
blazoned with a brain
or was that shape of
ants the hive arcane
or thunder in the
chicken soup it’s… 33 more words


sooner shot by John M. Bennett

plurilactoso I closed my
ears the ants leaked out
,was logs and shoes ,buried
mask the drowned
one swimming said ,was
milk sheeting face  .flat… 31 more words


rail by John M. Bennett

itchy cloud nor
better lake could
found a snore
where scissors s
leep the wind
downstairs  will
silence speak


ditch by John M. Bennett

c reach caso omiso
never blare a dog’s
installed effort’s 

fleas and slaw
:pester me but
soon before the b 

ark resounds across
the roof ,stuffed yr
life ,but’s strewn


mudpath by John M. Bennett

engrave the s pore
yr lather cloud ,ne
ptoschism’s rotty 

slag beneath the temp
le ,time impacted
was a turd rising 

in your throat
.left my chain
outside ,my spoon 

my slug


esperanto by John M. Bennett

some ,or frantic st
ep deflayer it’s a
code ,or name if

n one resplays a
sausage lurks be
fore the Stone the 

stOne ,locked a… 70 more words