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John Mackenzie, an anomaly – born in China; Scottish father

John Mackenzie, arrived in Seattle on the s.s. Princess Adelaide on 3 August 1921. He was applying for admission to the United States as a United States citizen. 97 more words


#026: The Long Good Friday





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Bob Hoskins

Feature Film Pitch: Chimes of Freedom, by John MacKenzie


Title: Chimes of Freedom

Written by: John MacKenzie

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Adventure, History, Drama

Logline: A displaced indentured servant joins forces with a young English radical to battle a hostile plantation system. 276 more words


not too long ago, up in canada land

Tale of the Turk: A birthday today for Derek Sanderson, who’s 70 now. Once, when he was the toast of Boston, and wasn’t busy Bruining, he owned a bar, and hosted his own TV show. 101 more words


The Long Good Friday (1980)

Having seen this British gangster classic shortly after it’s North American release on home video back in the early eighties, like most viewers I found myself a Bob Hoskins fan for life. 739 more words

Daily Take

Ruling the Waves - Episode 6 - 'An Imperial People?'

Stefan Piotrowski
Against the Current Productions

These six chapters were originally parts of a single film which sought to explore whether, during the nineteenth century, the Empire allowed Britons to transcend their other differences and embrace a shared sense of national identity. 1,212 more words

Imperial & Global History