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On human nature and hope

It has been a terrible few days.

The intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been wound up several notches, and a civilian airliner has been shot down, apparently by Russian-backed separatists who mistook it for a Ukrainian military aircraft. 394 more words

Unexpectedly Marking Time

As I was reminded over the last few days, a good stomach bug will knock your intentions flat. Among other things, that means I’m currently at the same reading point I was when I closed my books early Thursday evening. 443 more words

José Lezama Lima

Choose Your Form of Frustration

I reached voting age right in the middle of the former Yugoslavia’s self-implosion, so that entire, painful conflict still looms large for me, just as a Cold War atmosphere defined my childhood. 845 more words

Seeing It A Certain Way

Patience Whitworth & Beth Wiser share with our Congregation why they are joining First UMC Burlington

Beth and I are both lifelong United Methodist. Beth’s father and grandfather were both ordained elders in the United Methodist tradition. 1,787 more words


John Macquarrie's dialectical theism

In his Gifford Lectures, published in 1984 as In Search of Deity, Anglican theologian John Macquarrie develops a view of God that he calls “dialectical theism”–to provide an alternative to what he calls “classical theism.” 576 more words

Theology & Faith

Pengharapan Kristiani


(Sebuah Usaha Penelusuran Dogmatik-Moral)

Dion Remetwa


Dalam tulisan singkat ini, saya hendak mengangkat dan mendalami tema pengharapan. Tujuan penulisan ini adalah untuk memenuhi tugas dalam bidang Iurisdiksi Moral. 4,393 more words


The Legacy

I’ve been thinking dark thoughts in January. This is because it’s dark here, so it’s difficult to avoid. 183 more words