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Day 52: Can creativity be learned?

We often talk about creativity as if it were something that we were born with, like eye or skin color. I’ve heard many people excuse their lack of creative pursuits with a statement like “I’m just not that creative,” or they’ll slightly qualify by claiming that they’re not creative in some specific way, like songwriting or drawing. 397 more words

100 Days Of Creativity

john maeda: from storytelling to storylistening

There is a lot of buzz about “storytelling” in the design world.

Esteemed designer John Maeda discusses how successful leaders apply design thinking and start with storylistening before they get to storytelling. 11 more words

Creative Juice

Read/Share: "The Laws of Simplicity" by John Maeda

I’m on a quest to read 14 books in 2014, and we’re down to the wire! This is the twelfth book I finished this year, just two more! 497 more words


We need to talk about the health risks of wearable technology

Fashion brands and technology companies are understandably breathless over the promise of wearable devices. The financial opportunity appears enormous—a tenfold market increase to $50 billion dollars in three to five years, by some projections, and the upcoming release of the Apple Watch in 2015 has only fanned the flames of excitement. 575 more words

Interface Claustrophobia

I have an Interface Claustrophobia. Small or lack of spaces in the interface makes me anxious. Space sounds like a simple thing, but it can give a significant improvement to the experience, especially if we want to simplify the interface. 166 more words

UX Design

Research revelation

While I was researching various ideas for my practical work, I began thinking the concept of simplicity.

What does it really mean? Is less more? How does one simplify something without taking away too much? 270 more words


John Maeda: The designs I love most

Design icon John Maeda shares the everyday objects (well, non-objects) he can’t live without.

When most people think of design, they think of objects. Lights, chairs, cars … tangible things that we can ooh and aah over. 1,180 more words

Questions Worth Asking