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2012: Closing comments on Midsummer Eve

In less than five hours from now the summer solstice will pass and we are six months into the post-2012 era. It happens on this year’s… 220 more words


2012: The last grasping at straws?

One day has passed since the vernal equinox and three months have passed since the “end of the Maya calendar”. I thought that maybe there would be some increase in blog traffic regarding the 2012-phenomenon around the vernal equinox. 68 more words


Our Next Research: The True End-Date

Now that the ruckus of the Mayan Calendar End-Date has arrived and passed without any apparent effect, it is time to start re-calculating the true end-date of their Long Count. 638 more words

4-Calendar Studies

John Major Jenkins ~ 2012 Galactic Alignment & The End of the Mayan Calendar ~ Red Ice Creations

December 9, 2012
John Major Jenkins is an independent researcher who has devoted himself to reconstructing ancient Mayan cosmology and philosophy. Since beginning his odyssey of research and discovery with the Maya, John has authored dozens of articles and many books. 138 more words


The Real Meaning of the Mayan Calendar This December

Almost 3 years ago, a few fellow film majors and I made a short documentary on the Mayan Calendar and its real significance to humankind today. 215 more words


Cleaning Out the Notes

After researching the subject of the Mayan Calendar for several years, I have a huge pile of notes, books, and so forth, and I have been cleaning it up as the run up to the end of the calendar is almost over. 366 more words

2-2012 Theories