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The Grooming Products Every Man Needs in His Medicine Cabinet

For some men, a bar of soap is enough. Others actually realize that blackheads, wrinkles and dry skin can be easily avoided with a simple arsenal of products. 559 more words

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In all fairness, men are not the only one’s who are capable of saying stupid and insensitive things in a relationship; and yet they are typically first in assumption. 36 more words

Video Review: John Mayer & Taylor Swift "Half of My Heart"

Walking past a white neon sign saying “Cocktails,” John Mayer, in a suit and a tie, looks for a seat.

At a church, white roses hang on the end of the pews and the pianist prepares to play. 718 more words

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I’m gonna steer clear,

because I’d die if I saw you, I’d die if I didn’t see you.

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Apparently John Mayer Designs Jewelry Now

In case his seven Grammys and extensive luxury watch collection didn’t give him enough bling in his life, and ballad singer extraordinaire John Mayer has taken it upon himself to design a jewelry line. 88 more words

Music journal #1.

Okay. I’m half way through my large black coffee from Tim Horton’s. I don’t start to feel normal until I’ve refilled it and drank another cup full of office coffee. 299 more words


John Mayer's New Jewelry Collection Looks Like It Belongs At An Art Fair

If there’s one thing musicians love, it’s hawking ridiculously overpriced merchandise to their fans. It’s not even malicious, it’s just that hey, they have to make some money too, right? 275 more words

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