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Youth And Young Bobhood

Bobby just took his sandals off and this photo shows the exact moment the smell hit John Mayer’s nostrils.


John Mayer looks like the guy who stands behind the main guy who threatens people in movies and helps. 243 more words

As I sit in my apartment all alone on a Tuesday night, just waiting for the holidays to finally come around, I stare at my gorgeous lit up tiny Christmas tree. 578 more words


The Man In The Mask

The Dead or What’s Left of ‘Em have hit Colorado, where marijuana is legal. If I were Colorado, I would be fighting as hard as possible to keep marijuana illegal everywhere else so I could be the Vegas of doobies. 270 more words

When You Smile For The Camera

“That’s really you, John?”

“It’s me, John Mayer. That terrible Texas person kidnapped me, Katy-doodle–”

“Don’t call me that.”

“–and put on a sim-suit to pitch woo at you but I escaped and saved you.” 148 more words

Dead & Company - Stella Blue (Live in 2015)

The tour is about half way done now, and the verdict is in: John Mayer is killing it. He’s steeped in the canon, his technical skills are outstanding, and he brings enormous passion to the endeavor. 98 more words

Live Music

A Quick One While We're Away


“Don’t call me that.”

“–we only done got 48 hours for this safari interlude before I gotta get back to soloing. We all gonna get to Colorado and smoke doobies that are so high-class that they step out of the shower to take a dump.” 203 more words