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It’s The Economy Stupid: The Gathering Storm

by Frank

In the face of deteriorating global economic conditions the financial and economic powers-that-be seem fixated on policies which are both ineffective and inappropriate. 1,971 more words

What J.M. Keynes Might Have Said About Corrupt US Politics

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Presentation: “… the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone!” 10 more words

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Bullshit Jobs, a 15 hour Week and the Glory of the Garden

There is an interesting argument about ‘bullshit jobs’ that is likely to echo around for years and years. Alas, like a lot of interesting arguments it depends on misinformation and misunderstanding, but it does touch on some important questions. 1,920 more words

Paul Mattick, revolutionary Marxist (1904-1981)

I’m not a coun­cil­ist. Of the two ma­jor streams of left-wing com­mun­ism with­in the Third In­ter­na­tion­al, the Ger­man-Dutch cur­rent formed around spon­tan­eous work­ers’ coun­cils and the Itali­an cur­rent formed around or­gan­ic party cent­ral­ism, my pref­er­ence is def­in­itely for the lat­ter. 4,588 more words


A Change Is in the Air

By James Kwak

There was one moment, when I was finishing up the manuscript of Economism, that I thought someone had already said what I was trying to say in the book. 1,328 more words



John Maynard Keynes, economista britânico, escreveu no inverno de 1928 um curto artigo sobre o que seria a vida dos netos da sua geração e como poderiam viver em 2028. 229 more words


Keynes Reborn - Koichi Hamasaki. 

Large public debts are not always bad for an economy, just as efforts to rein them in are not always beneficial.

The focus on a balanced budget in the United States, for example, has led some elements of the Republican Party to block normal functions of state and even federal authorities, supposedly in the name of fiscal discipline. 236 more words