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There is the story of how [Isaac Newton] informed Halley of one of his most fundamental discoveries of planetary motion. “Yes,” replied Halley, “but how do you know that?

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As a lifelong learner, I love books and articles which teach me something. About what I’m not fussy, I love learning about the world and everything in it, about people and why they do the things they do, about myself and how I can do better. 16 more words


Recommended Link: Post-work - the radical idea of a world without jobs

There was an interesting article on the future of work in Friday’s Guardian.  Considered in the context of Walker’s book on sleep, which argues that Western society at least is dangerously sleep-deprived, pictures of the future along the lines of those in this article should be viewed as not hopelessly Utopian dreams but the potential source of desperately needed remedies. 506 more words

Civilisation Building

Things can only get...worse?

This is an unedited version of an article which appeared in the December 2017 edition of Market Leader, the strategic marketing journal for business leaders, and is reproduced with their permission. 811 more words

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Roosevelt è il nuovo mito della sinistra: tuttavia è ora di sfatare il mito del New Deal

Ogni mattina guardo su La7 lo splendido programma di Mirta Merlino, L’aria che tira e questa mattina vi era ospite Marco Furfaro della coalizione Liberi e Uguali che ha citato come modello Il New Deal di Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 749 more words

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Conservative Depressions

The Return of Depression Economics (and the Crisis of 2008) 380 more words

Will a Keynesian Road Building Programme Put India On the Growth Path?

When in trouble, politicians and countries go back to the British economist John Maynard Keynes. Keynes in his magnum opus The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money… 963 more words