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Keynes Must Die, by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

If Keynes hadn’t come along, statists looking for plausible-sounding rationales from the economics profession would have invented him. To the extent there is any analytic rigor within economics, Keynes makes no contribution to it. 623 more words


Learning From Japan

By George P. Brockway, originally published May 4, 1998

THE ECONOMICS profession and the military are similar in many ways, but they differ in one important respect. 1,917 more words

The Dismal Science


It’s quite funny as economists traditionally ignored by Govt whimper at the public not getting their warnings that GDP might reduce if we leave the EU. 269 more words


The six-hour workday works in Sweden. But what about in workaholic North America?

For about a year, nurses at the Svartedalens retirement home have worked six-hour days on an eight-hour salary. They’re part of an experiment funded by the Swedish government to see if a shorter workday can increase productivity. 987 more words


John Maynard Keynes

Né en 1883 à Cambridge en Angleterre d’une famille bourgeoise, John Maynard Keynes est l’un des économistes les plus renommé.

En 1904, il développe un réel talent pour les mathématiques et décroche sa licence au King’s College de Cambridge. 85 more words

$pending > $aving = Unemployment

Politicians say unemployment is due to the lack of economic stimulus spending. Now in the short-run the statistics can prove that this is the case, as people and businesses can afford to boost their spending and hire additional workers to fill their newly built factories, then yes it does reduce unemployment. 395 more words


Child of New Labour

‘A new dawn has broken, has it not?’ On May 1st, nineteen years ago, New Labour came to power under the leadership of Tony Blair. If you have read some of my posts (such as about the… 1,338 more words