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Donald Trump: "you understand the expression prime the pump?"

Donald Trump conducted an interview on May 4 with the Economist. Here follows the accurate transcription:

But beyond that it’s OK if the tax plan increases the deficit? 506 more words


John Maynard Keynes

John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) was a famous British economist, mainly known for his book “The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money“, published in 1936, and for being the father of… 158 more words


The Road to Utopia

Did you know that Richard Nixon almost introduced a basic income policy in 1969? In what he described as ‘the most significant piece of social legislation in our nation’s history,’ Nixon proposed guaranteeing all US citizens a modest amount of money with no strings attached. 1,906 more words


The Pixies and the Keynesian Multiplier

Be it Noel Gallagher, Paul McCartney, 50 Cent or Bob Dylan, every musician has their own influences. Their own idols who first inspired them to start creating music. 584 more words


(What's Left of) Our Economy: All the Trade Fakeonomics That's Fit to Print

Last week’s U.S.-China summit turned out to be as close to a nothing-burger as any meeting between the leaders of the world’s two most important countries could possibly be. 1,203 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy

When the Bank Has a Problem

In last week’s column, I wrote about the Orwellian Economics of Indian banking. The basic premise of the column came from something that George Orwell wrote in his book… 644 more words

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