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Syrian fighters may be settled in USA

By Steven Sahiounie | American Herald Tribune | July 24, 2016

Soon there could be an influx of Syrian refugee families settled in America. They would be typically settled in a small city, let’s say like Flint, Michigan.

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The Republican Convention Is Over

Well, the Republican madhouse convention is finally over. I remember when the Republicans nominated Bob Dole in 1996 and John McCain in 2008. They were both men of proven courage. 385 more words


Donald Trump Speech Ratings Fall Far Below even John McCain's - Variety

The television networks must be saying “you’re fired” to Donald Trump tonight. John McCain got 38 million, 6 million more than Donald Trump did last night. 61 more words

32.2 Million Watch Donald Trump's RNC Nomination Acceptance Speech Night, Besting Mitt Romney But Not John McCain

Donald Trump — he’s no John McCain.

An estimated 32.2 million people tuned in to watch Trump’s speech on the final night of the 2016 Republican National Convention, across 10 commercially-supported networks, Nielsen reports.  174 more words


I Have No Idea What Pokey-mon Is But Let's Write About It Anyway

After a couple of fruitless attempts at this blog entry I was about to give up. I was trying, unsuccessfully, to tie genetically modified crops in with the Republican National Convention. 915 more words


Another Ho-Hum Day in Cleveland

Two down, two to go.  Two more days of the Republican National Convention being held this week in Cleveland.  Two days down and thankfully, there has been no notable violence, no shootings despite people running around with guns openly displayed, and no killings.  689 more words

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