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Old thoughts (26 October 2008):

A McCain defeat is likely to be paired with significant defeats downstream from the Presidential race. This would portend a period of bloodletting within the Republican party and among conservatives more generally.

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"Veterans, Patriots And Pawns": A Particularly Blatant And Distasteful Ploy For Credibility

When Donald J. Trump removed himself from the Republican debate last week and threw a huge public relations party for himself, he did what many politicians before him have done: He cynically used United States military veterans to elevate his own political standing. 917 more words


Military Leaders Call for Draft of Women; Feminists Silent

Feminists wanted equality.  They wanted it so bad they were willing to figuratively castrate, emasculate, and marginalize men to get there.  But, for all the bra burning and rallies, these femi-Nazis only wanted to pick and choose their “equality” — the same for all of those who supported this movement. 982 more words

FNQ Christmas theft breaks hearts

One victim, Clifton Beach great-grandmother Rosemary Crellin, said learning her package never made it to her family in Melbourne had “ruined” her Christmas.

As well as making off with money intended for Mrs Crellin’s grandchildren, the thief also stole a rum-infused cake and pudding she had spent three weeks making. 254 more words


Rand Paul, Lone Among GOP Hawks, Drops Out of Presidential Race

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who banked his presidential run on support from the libertarian-leaning wing of the GOP that’s wary of both U.S. military and government intrusions, suspended his campaign Wednesday morning. 476 more words

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Ted Cruz Really, Really Wants to Win New Hampshire

Want to know just how badly Ted Cruz wants to win New Hampshire’s primary? He quoted John McCain at a town hall-style meeting here on Tuesday. 710 more words