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If You Don't Think There's A Connection Between The Black Lives Matter Shooting And Donald Trump, You Haven't Been Paying Attention.

I’ll take the short odds that sometime in the next 24-48 hours, Donald Trump will get up at a campaign rally and tell the crowd that the kids who… 621 more words


"Trump’s National Security Notions Are Crazy—At Best": Generals Shoot Down Trump’s Fear-Mongering Plans For Muslims

Donald Trump and Ben Carson have spent the last 24 hours proposing bigoted and constitutionally questionable methods for keeping tabs on Muslims and Syrian refugees. And that’s causing some retired generals and admirals to speak out against the GOP presidential frontrunners. 963 more words


Congress to Convene to Vote on National Gum Rights Bill

BY Randy Butternubs

Makin’ Bacon Pancakes

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Congress will convene this Thursday to discuss and vote on a new bill concerning the pressing issue of gum control that has been the topic of heated debate in the nation for decades running. 289 more words


Stop the war against Syria! Letter to President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and CIA Director John Brennan

Below is a sample letter to take into your community, gather signatures outside the post office and grocery stores, and deliver to local, regional, and federal officials. 763 more words

"A Contradiction to My Faith"

Today Senator John McCain challenged Ted Cruz by name saying that the idea of only taking Christian Syrian children is contrary to his belief, saying that all children are the children of God. 26 more words

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McCain Wants Legislation Mandating Government Access To Encryption

Senator John McCain on Tuesday told reporters that he would hold a series of hearings and eventually pursue legislation that would require companies provide the government with access to encryption. 477 more words