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Me vs the Mosquito

Confrontation can arrive when you least expect it. A couple of nights ago I was reading in bed, trying to relax and get ready to sleep, when it happened.   555 more words

Die Hard Trivia You May Not Know

This year marks the 30th anniversary since the release of the one of the greatest action films ever, Die Hard. So all through 2018, I’m doing a few articles on the flick to celebrate, this is the second one following me covering a supposed… 1,842 more words

Little Bits Of Movies

Most Dangerous Movie Protagonists: Ranked

Hello guys, this is the time traveler and I’m back with another interesting topic. Today I’ll make my own personal list on the most dangerous movie protagonists. 1,000 more words

Happiness in Die Hard (McTiernan, 1989)

Written by Dan – Die Hard is one of the finest Christmas films out there, in this post I’ll explore what makes this film so compelling and how it explores the futility of happiness. 1,309 more words


The Honor of Damage

During the climactic scene of 1988’s Die Hard, working class hero John McClane shows up to save the day looking like he just got sucked through a jet engine. 1,364 more words


2018 Magic and Mystery

This year, I have many goals. Chief among these are answering some of life’s most challenging questions.

We humans have always pondered our existence, trying to find meaning in a vacuum. 137 more words

Real Life Vs. Writing Life

Have a Happy Ho-Ho-Ho Die Hard Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again when the weather is frightful, tons of sales are going on, presents are being giving and received and you will probably eat too much. 145 more words