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Someone Hid A Summary Of The 'Die Hard' Films In Jeb Bush's Website

In a world where too many people are vying for the 2016 GOP ticket, one man stands above all others. He’s only a rugged New York City cop who hates the West Coast, loves the bottle, and doesn’t give a damn about his ki… wait. 222 more words


The art of sub-plot

You want your story to feel three dimensional. In all plots, as the multiple facets of your tale play out together in unison, you have a beginning, middle and an end. 895 more words


Die Hard

Little Bit of History: Directed by John McTiernan and starring Bruce Willis launching his movie career and cementing him as a genuine Hollywood star. Distributed by 20th Century Fox and originally released on July 15 (my birthday), 1988. 499 more words

Little Bits Of Movies

Thanks to Die Hard with a Vengeance, I Can Stomach Violence

There was a time I couldn’t do violence. At all. The briefest glimpse of blood, a glinting steel blade, any threat of bodily harm–they all sent me diving under covers. 1,177 more words

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Hans Gruber's Plan: The Best Villainous Plan in Movies

It’s Debate Day! This week: the best villainous movie plan! Which bad guy came up with the most devious, conniving, and intricate master plan in a movie? 1,040 more words


The Bad Part of Good Guys

Heroes. We all write about them. They’re kind of necessary: They propel the story, readers identify with them, they are the way we write stories that provide some kind of cathartic resolution to implacable problems. 391 more words

Alan Rickman Almost Turned Down The Role Of Hans Gruber In 'Die Hard'

Alan Rickman didn’t want to play the role of Hans Gruber in Die Hard. Well, not at first anyway. The actor appeared at a… 341 more words