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Harrisburg murder suspect arrested in Baltimore

HARRISBURG, PA. –  Deputy U.S. Marshals arrest a Harrisburg man wanted on a murder charge in Maryland.  Harrisburg City Police are holding an arrest warrant for John McDonald, III, 22, charging him with criminal homicide. 151 more words


Harrisburg police investigating two weekend murders

HARRISBURG — Two murders in less than 48 hours have Harrisburg police on high alert.

“We are beefing up our patrols,” Sgt. Gabriel Oliver with the Harrisburg Police Bureau said. 407 more words


Wife of murdered Harrisburg man pleads for help

HARRISBURG — As City of Harrisburg police offered no new leads in the hunt for a man wanted for murder, the wife of the man killed wants her voice to be heard. 261 more words


New insurance for caregivers in Manitoba

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is offering a new insurance benefit for people who lose a stay-at-home caregiver in a motor vehicle crash.

Until now, there was no insurance coverage to make up for the cost of replacing a stay-at-home parent or other caregiver who is killed in a crash. 123 more words


FEEL GOOD FRIDAY | Homeless Man's Unexpected Discovery

Imagine living three years in a cardboard box when you unknowingly could afford shelter and food. A homeless man in Florida didn’t have too.

John Helsinki, 62, of Tampa, Florida, discovered he’s been receiving Social Security Benefits in his forgotten bank account for years. 276 more words


Too Pat to Open and Too Cool to Bluff

Strategy in Poker, Business & War
John McDonald

Pop quiz:

1. Select the answer below that best completes the following sentence. Game Theory is _________. 910 more words


Angels still awaiting word on Josh Hamilton ...

The Angels don’t anticipate getting word on a potential Josh Hamilton suspension on Friday, which could mean that the earliest something comes down — potentially — is Monday. 514 more words