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Internship: Meta-Reflection

1.2 Communicating with Students

To teach effectively means to communicate appropriately with students. It is the responsibility of the teacher to break the lesson into terms that students understand, usually by connecting to their previous learning or experiences. 811 more words


A brain hack for your next presentation

The brain is a fascinating organ, the most complex in a person’s body. As much as we have learned about the brain in recent decades, there are still so many things that we do not yet understand. 900 more words


Your Stressed Brain and Learning

Rule #8 of John Medina’s Brain Rules: Stressed brains don’t learn the same way.


Emotional stress causes us to lack focus and inhibits our ability to retain information. 118 more words

Standard 2: Analyze learning to promote student growth.

Why does the Brain Matter? What is Brain Compatible Teaching and Learning?

When thinking back to my human development course, I am amazed at all of the content that was expressed, analyzed, researched, and discussed by both me and my classmates. 3,147 more words

2: Analyze Learning To Promote Student Growth.

It's About Time

How does my friend juggle 3 kids busy schedules, full time work, baking nutritious and fabulous meals, exercise regularly and still write and publish novels and poems?   1,589 more words



~ EBBP ~ Exercise Boosts Brain Power

~ THBET-WDHOBIOH-WHT ~ The Human Brain Evolved, Too ~ We Don’t Have One Brain In Our Heads – We Have Three… 73 more words


Review of Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina

Brain Rules for Baby is one of those books which I am going to open again during the development of my child. Unlike other books for dummy parents who do not know that a baby may need a crib or her personal space, … 670 more words