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Book Review: The Druidry Handbook by John Michael Greer

For many Druids, Greer’s The Druidry Handbook is their first introduction to Modern Druidry. It’s easy to see why. The book has a beautiful, simple cover of Oak Leaves and claims to be a “hands-on manual of traditional British Druid practice” (publisher description). 624 more words


Good piece from J. M. Greer

There’s a very interesting post by J. Michael Greer here. Apparently he recognizes the destructiveness of our little self appointed witchfinder general (aka Rhyd) and the damage this shit is doing to our polytheisms.  96 more words

Are You Really Ok With This?

I never, ever thought I’d be writing something supporting the AFA. I’m not a member and I’m not folkish but over the last couple of weeks as more and more people in our communities dogpile on them, I’ve been watching from the side lines growing more and more concerned. 841 more words

Editorial: The Witch Hunt That Wasn't

Five months ago, we published a piece called, “Confronting the New Right,” an information page designed to supplement an essay about a Fascist candidate for elected office in Florida, Augustus Sol Invictus. 2,021 more words


Some Thoughts on the Long Descent

Because of a dear friend, I now have a copy of the Long Descent by John Michael Greer. I have finished up my first read through, but I want to spend some more time with this book and really chew my way through it. 4,091 more words


A Heathen Shouldn't Have To Be The One Saying This But...

Since this latest imbroglio started with Rhyd and the G&R crowd, I’ve noticed that the terms ‘racist,’ are being thrown around with less and less care. 1,276 more words

On Being a Heretic

I have a longer piece that I’m working on, which will begin my pilgrimage journals, but I thought I’d draw your attention to two things posted elsewhere. 894 more words

Angry Silly People