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“…it’s entirely possible to have a technologically advanced and humane society without having electricity on demand from sockets on every wall across the length and breadth of a continent, or mortgaging our future to allow individuals to zoom around in hopelessly inefficient personal vehicles on an extravagant system of highways.”

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Break Point

Twin Cities ephemera: It’s been a lovely week here (more so than expected, actually–some rain at the start,but neither drizzle nor deluge), living in the fleeting moments of spring’s awakening. 768 more words


I Didn't Become Pagan to Join a Doomsday Cult

I tried being a socialist in college, a Trotskyist to be specific. When I lobbied or voted or did anything that was part of “the System” they sneered at me and told me it wouldn’t work. 521 more words

Disability Rights

Cat Vacuuming: Sustainability and the Future

I’m a regular reader of John Michael Greer’s blog The Archdruid Report. I’m also a regular reader of John Beckett’s Under the Ancient Oaks… 1,011 more words


John Michael Greer on the burden of denial

Allegedly smart phones don’t do anything to fix the rising spiral of problems besetting industrial civilization, but they make it easier for people to distract themselves from those problems for a little while longer.

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Economy And Business


Powerful US corporations socialize the costs of doing business and privatize the profits. In economic speak, this socialization of costs is described as an externality. If such things as exploitation of labor, income inequality, and environmental destruction were forced to be internalized by these corporations, the costs would be prohibitively high and they would not be so incredibly profitable and able to pay their executives sky high salaries and bonuses. 824 more words

On the Geomantic Triads

Western geomancy, as a whole, can often be described as astrological.  This isn’t to say that geomancy comes from astrology or vice versa (although some authors might disagree, like Cornelius Agrippa), but that many of the techniques described by Western geomantic texts are heavily influenced by astrological techniques: the use of the 12 houses, perfection, planetary and zodiacal affinities, the Parts of Spirit and Fortune, and the like.   1,669 more words