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Gloom and Doom

For the cheery minded optimists who constitute the bulk of the art world along with the ironists and those who just plain prefer to keep their heads crammed up their behinds, I suggest you not read further in this post. 784 more words


“When people say “X is infinite,” what they are actually saying is “I refuse to think about X.””

Green Wizardry: Conservation, Solar Power, Organic Gardening, and Other Hands-On Skills From the Appropriate Tech Toolkit…

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A world full of gods

I first read John Michael Greer’s A World Full of Gods ten years ago, when it was new. I took away two things from Greer’s defense of polytheism, one an abstract idea and the other a metaphor. 995 more words

In Theory

More Than Wands and Chakras

It’s been about two years, it appears, since I became a Pagan writer.

Not that I hadn’t been writing before, mind you; some erotic fiction, short stories, occasional essays, a few poems, and two unpublished fiction manuscripts.  2,325 more words

Gods And Mortals

“…it’s entirely possible to have a technologically advanced and humane society without having electricity on demand from sockets on every wall across the length and breadth of a continent, or mortgaging our future to allow individuals to zoom around in hopelessly inefficient personal vehicles on an extravagant system of highways.”

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Break Point

Twin Cities ephemera: It’s been a lovely week here (more so than expected, actually–some rain at the start,but neither drizzle nor deluge), living in the fleeting moments of spring’s awakening. 768 more words


I Didn't Become Pagan to Join a Doomsday Cult

I tried being a socialist in college, a Trotskyist to be specific. When I lobbied or voted or did anything that was part of “the System” they sneered at me and told me it wouldn’t work. 521 more words

Disability Rights