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The Long Descent

Here are three haikus inspired by a chance peek into an interesting looking book at the public library this morning. See below for a quote and reference. 191 more words


Archdruid Report and resource economics, part 1

Today I’ll begin a series of posts that’ll revolve around John Michael Greer’s powerful work Archdruid Report. The series will be thirteen posts long, as I will dedicate a single post to a year’s worth of blog posts by JMG. 916 more words

On Halted Geomancy Charts

Originally, I was calling these PITA charts, and no, I’m not talking about the flatbread.  However, after seeing the term “halted charts” used more online, I think it’s a far more elegant term to use to describe the concept of a geomancy chart that shouldn’t or can’t be interpreted.  2,655 more words


On Elemental Assignments of the Geomantic Figures

It’s a constant joy for me to see the discussions on the Geomantic Study-Group on Facebook, and it’s not just because I enjoy wielding power as an admin over scores of people. 3,830 more words


Demise of the Christofascists

From John Michael Greer:

[T]he absurdity of Christians in America supporting a political agenda that directly contradicts the teachings of Christ has begun to sink in, in a big way, among young American Protestants.

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Political Disasters

Review: Dark Age America

Dark Age America: Climate Change, Cultural Collapse and the Hard Road Ahead
By John Michael Greer
published September 2016, New Society Press

I taught middle school history for nearly twenty years.   3,220 more words


On the Geomantic Parts of Fortune and Spirit

Whether it’s Tarot, geomancy, runes, or any other kind of art, I consider divination in general to be a process of three basic steps:

  1. Hash out, refine, and formally ask the query.
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