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Revolution Blues

In the US we have a neoliberal political and economic consensus among elites that has produced deregulation for corporations and banks, tax cuts and subsidies for the wealthy, punitive austerity for the poor, and a violent, militaristic foreign policy focused on dominating the Middle-East by use of terrorist proxies. 360 more words

The Last Refuge Of The Incompetent

By John Michael Greer, www.thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com, Aug 28, 2015

Photo: Jeb Bush, George HW Bush and Barack Obama

There are certain advantages to writing out the ideas central to this blog in weekly bursts.  3,599 more words

Rex Dexter

“It may well turn out that burning through available resources, and then crashing into ruin, is simply the most efficient way for a civilization to end.”

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More Thoughts on Shield Chart Company

Last time, I posted my collected thoughts on the rule of company in interpreting geomantic charts.  The rule, as taught nowadays, seems to have originated with the French geomancer Christopher Cattan, but after a bit of discussion with a student, seems to have pointed more towards something like… 2,942 more words


Thoughts on Geomantic Company

Of all the techniques of Western geomancy, that of company is one I’ve always been kind of iffy about.  It’s something I teach about regardless, as it’s been vetted by greater geomancers than me, but I’ve never really seen the use of it.   3,800 more words


Dread of a Revolution

By Anthony Rella

I dream that a friend of mine is leading a ritual to teach us about capitalism and its damages. The ritual is bizarre and colorful. 1,254 more words


Gloom and Doom

For the cheery minded optimists who constitute the bulk of the art world along with the ironists and those who just plain prefer to keep their heads crammed up their behinds, I suggest you not read further in this post. 784 more words