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On the Geomantic Triads

Western geomancy, as a whole, can often be described as astrological.  This isn’t to say that geomancy comes from astrology or vice versa (although some authors might disagree, like Cornelius Agrippa), but that many of the techniques described by Western geomantic texts are heavily influenced by astrological techniques: the use of the 12 houses, perfection, planetary and zodiacal affinities, the Parts of Spirit and Fortune, and the like.   1,669 more words


Initiation and Spring Equinox 2015

In this time of balanced energies, an image of bright and dark — rook and partial eclipse at the Spring Equinox.

This morning waking from dream, another image: a shining snake. 646 more words


My Vision of Paganism

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I had an interesting conversation with my wife this morning. We’ve been trying to lay some long term plans for our little family and have been talking a lot about the state of the world, where opportunities are likely to be in the future, and whether or not to emigrate… the usual dining room table fare. 991 more words

Isaac Bonewits

Guest post--The Archdruid Report: Déjà Vu All Over Again

The Archdruid Report: Déjà Vu All Over Again.
‘Now that the downturn in oil prices is under way, and panic selling of energy-related junk bonds and lower grades of unconventional crude oil has begun in earnest, it seems likely that we’ll learn just how profitable the fracking fad of the last few years actually was. 98 more words

Guest Repost

In 2015, expect civil unrest, disaffected police

The astute John Michael Greer, whose Archdruid Report is one of my favorite blogs, predicted that the most important trends in 2015 will be the disaffection of America’s police combined with continuing civil unrest. 958 more words

Law And Justice

2015 New Year's resolution: spend less time on Facebook and Twitter

No more Facebook for me

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to talk about New Year’s resolutions for 2015. Mine is to spend less time on Facebook and Twitter. 564 more words


To the poor, Progress (and Science) mean oppression and deteriorating conditions

Another must-read is John Michael Greer’s essay “Dark Edge America: The Sharp Edge of the Shell” in which he examines science and technology as social phenomena of our own civilisation and how their use as a tool of the elites, make them vulnerable: 247 more words