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Happy Birthday, John Michael McCormack and . . .

Hi once again! Today, I would like to wish a couple of family members a Happy Birthday!

Today, 7 Apr, is the birthday of which I believe are the first McCormack twins, John Michael and his brother, for which a lack of a better name, “Patrick J.” If they both had lived today, they would 155 years old! 343 more words

Michael McCormack

A crime scene witness

One of the things that I wanted to accomplish through this blog was to tell the story through official documents, artifacts and other items. One way to do that, if family stories aren’t available, is through newspaper clippings. 176 more words

Michael and his sons

The other day I was “messing” around in Photoshop and I have always wanted a picture of Michael and his sons. Well, I put together all the individual pictures I have of Michael and his sons. 88 more words

Wordless Wednesday - McBash 2009

For today’s Wordless Wednesday post, I would like to share a group picture of the 2009 McBash reunion. McBash is the family reunion held by the descendants of John Michael and Gertrude McCormack. 32 more words

John Michael McCormack

Mappy Monday - The McCormacks in 1900

For today’s Mappy Monday post, I would like to show the whereabouts of the McCormack family in 1900 America.

1. Otter Lake, Michigan – Michael and Catherine, Katherine and Leon Ingleright, William and Lavina, Minnie and Charles Barnes… 68 more words

Friday's Faces from the Past - A Young John Michael & Gertrude McCormack

For today’s Friday’s Faces from the Past, I would like to share a twofer. A picture of a young John Michael McCormack and Gertrude Angeline Peacock. 81 more words

Census Sunday - Henry Peacock McCormack and family in the 1920 census

Today, I would like to share the 1920 census for Henry Peacock “HP” McCormack and his growing family.

Here is the portion of the census that we are concerned with today; 291 more words

William E. McCormack