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Slavoj Zizek and John Milbank on the death of God.

Slajoz Zizek, the famous Slovenian Hegelian/Lacanian/Marxian philosopher, champion of the left, and materialist theologian, is someone who I both love and hate, love for his insights into how ideology permeates so much in modern society, for his breaking down of so many of the idols of Capitalism and Liberalism, and hate for his inability to write in a way that doesn’t give me an aneurism trying to understand what his point is. 1,498 more words


A Brief Theology of Poetry and Fantasy: A Thesis Extract

David Russell Mosley

St George’s Day
The Edge of Elfland
Hudson, New Hampshire,

Dear friends and family,

Well, with a thesis submission deadline of 31 May, and my wife getting a new job (which means I’m watching the boys while she’s at work), I have not had much time for blogging. 6,221 more words

Faeriean Metaphysics

Links and videos I Normally Would Have Posted on Facebook: III

David Russell Mosley

4 March 2014
The Edge of Elfland
Hudson, New Hampshire

Dear Friends and Family,

‘What I didn’t know about St Quentin was that its basilica is one of six important French church buildings which contain labyrinths, the best known of which is Chartres. 893 more words

Being A (Non-Roman) Catholic Evangelical

The Modern Spiritual Predicament?

From Christopher Lasch’s The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy:

In the commentary on the modern spiritual predicament, religion is consistently treated as a source of intellectual and emotional security, not as a challenge to complacency and pride.

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John Milbank

Péguy and Anglican Social Teaching

In 2008 John Milbank claimed that Charles Péguy “is the man for the hour.” In his latest book, Beyond Secular Order, Milbank again evokes Péguy, writing, “there can be no storming of the Bastille as a historical event without its annual commemoration” (8). 388 more words

Anglican Social Teaching

An Enchanted Universe?

Over the past ten years or so, we’ve heard a lot about the need to re-enchant the universe, largely from figures like Charles Taylor, John Milbank and their followers. 219 more words

Anglican Social Teaching