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Final Questions without Answers

And so, gentle readers, I have done it: in spite of pillows and comforter and the need for sleep fighting me every step of the way, I completed… 644 more words

After Virtue - A New Benedict (Pt.3)

My experience of Dreher’s BenOp is that he trying to posit a response to a dystopia as he sees America today. This dystopia is brought about by liberalism, which is rooted in the Enlightenment (1620 – 1789, depending on who you read). 870 more words

John Milbank on Liberalism and Transgenderism

John Milbank has an interesting essay in The Catholic Herald about liberalism and transgenderism. Here’s a snip:

And there is, naturally, money to be made out of all this.

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The Opalescent Parrot

Gender in trouble?

I read John Milbank’s piece (published last week), What liberal intellectuals get wrong about transgenderism. As expected, I found that some of what he says expresses (rather more forcefully) my own concerns. 808 more words


Displaced Asceticism

This is what is really inadequate about Weber’s treatment of Protestantism and capitalism. He confines himself to the vague, unhistorical level of ‘elective affinity’ between religious belief and economic practice, and sees Protestantism’s uniqueness as lying in its transference of asceticism to a totally ‘this-worldly’ sphere of activity. 158 more words

John Milbank

When I Reach for a Gun

When someone uses “faith traditions”:

John Milbank and Adrian Pabst (The Politics of Virtue, 269) argue that secular critiques of liberalism cannot hit home because “they are incapable of making the key argument that various different faith traditions are able to make—that nature is neither external to humanity, nor should humans ever aspire simply to dominate their own or external nature.” …

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Novus Ordo Seclorum