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Blue Bob (David Lynch & John Neff)- "Self-Titled" (2001)

Released around the same time that David Lynch’s acclaimed film Mulholland Drive came out, Blue Bob is a one-time collaboration between Lynch and his sound design friend and musician John Neff engaging in bizarre, electric blues-inspired jamming with a industrial/machinery aesthetic saturating the whole thing, literally (Check out the cover art, while keeping in mind Lynch’s frequent comments describing his inspirations from machinery and smoke).  327 more words

Music Video of the Day: Thank You, Judge by BlueBOB (2001, dir. David Lynch)

What a mess it is trying to narrow down David Lynch music videos. If it isn’t undocumented, then it’s mis-credited to Lynch.

BlueBOB was a group composed of John Neff and David Lynch. 57 more words

Music Video

"Cold, cold, cold"*...

Around the millennium, Lynch and sound engineer John Neff worked on a number of projects together, one of which was their band BlueBOB (whose “

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