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I Believe

Great suffering is generated as a consequence of the world going through great transformation. In the midst of this the ability to sustain our lives and strengths must reside in our trust in the Supreme Being who is God. 201 more words


John Of God Crystal Healing Bed

I want to share with you an experience I had a few months ago.

I was invited to a get-together from one of my classmates… 333 more words

Casey and Me

These bonds with our children as we are their mothers in this lifetime – like Joni Mitchell sings,’permanent tattoos’ that transmit all kinds of emotional knowing and intuitions about their states-of-being into our bodies. 1,366 more words

Crystal Bed Therapy in Light of John of God Visit

Elaine Berk offers Crystal Light Therapy from John of God at her Newtown practice, Evolving Soul, LLC. From October 3 through 5, John of God will visit the Omega Institute, in Rhinebeck, New York. 304 more words

NA BuxMont

Upcoming Trip to John of God - Brazil - A Healing Journey - October 2017

Join guides Sheri Lynn and Gloria Hayes on a healing journey to the Casa de Dom Ignacio in Abadiana, Brazil. This is an immersion experience at the spiritual hospital of healer John of God, based on the principles of the Spiritist Doctrine. 52 more words


Mystery School: An Overview

In 1997, as word of my cancer diagnosis spread, the phrases, meant to be encouraging, that I heard most frequently were “You’ve got to fight this” or “you can beat the ‘Big C’”. 2,323 more words