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Patrick Henry: The Acceptance of Battle

July 6

“The battle, Sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, Sir, we have no election.

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Project 365

Day 2 -- Gardiner East

All signs point to a stumbling, bumbling, blustering, bullshitting, typical-in-Toronto absolutely incomplete victory at city council for Mayor John Tory’s Gardiner east “hybrid” option. Which “hybrid”? 384 more words


Intrinsic Deeds, Twitter Short Story by John Parker

Watch the 140 Character Short Story – INTRINSIC DEEDS:

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1) What is your very short story about?

Societies hypocrisy, humanities’ false virtue and our crippling apathy coupled with the need to bring those down who rise to a given challenge that has costs we are not willing to pay. 207 more words

Winning Stories

Reprint: Standing Room Only

This column on “Standing Room Only” by Karen Joy Fowler was first published in Vector 276, Summer 2014: 2,905 more words

Lexington Part II - "Our troops advanced towards them, without any intention of injuring them." Who Fired First at Lexington?

The above words were written by Lt. Col. Francis Smith in his official report to General Thomas Gage. Smith, in command of the British expedition to Concord recently returned from what would be the opening salvo of rebellion. 1,308 more words

Battlefields & Historic Places

Journeying with My Father

Journeying with My Father

In the midst of such dark and omnipresent stories from around the world, I want to share some very pleasant and uplifting thoughts. 916 more words